How I Lost 60 Pounds and Became a Straight-A Student with SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper assistance: a story of a straight-A student

My story started like any other - with a pair of skinny jeans that would not go above my thighs and my dorm room snowed in with takeout wrappers and Starbucks to-go cups. I knew what the problem was, but didn’t know how to stop myself from getting another burger, another bucket of chicken wings, another Pumpkin Spice Latte.

So I made a pact with myself.

For every fast food meal, I didn’t get, I would put away its price. It was my “junk food jar”.

Can you imagine how much money I saved by the end of the week? There was almost $100!

Now I just needed to find something worthy to buy. As it happened, midterms were coming up, and I decided to give myself some slack and order one of the more boring essays online from a reputable online essay writing service. However, to get help writing essay paper and succeed with the project, you need to be attentive at every single stage. Make sure you deal with the most reliable platform worth appreciation. At SpeedyPaper, I paid $44 for a 4-page essay, and still had over $50 left! The best part was seeing my professor’s face when he returned my paper with a big A at the top.

That first success turned my week-long challenge into a habit. I’ve long since stopped caring for Big Macs and french fries, and my grades are better than ever! I never realized how much money I spent on the wrong things and how much of a difference even $50 can make.

Just think about it:

My favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte Grande at $4.95 with two chocolate croissants are almost as much as a professionally written essay by SpeedyPaper. Pizza Hut’s medium Meat Lover is $11.99, while a single-page essay at SpeedyPaper is only $11.

I’m not a Math genius, but even I can tell that spending half of all that money on healthier foods and another on getting my homework done is a sweet deal.

Of course, I don’t get all the papers here, only those that are too boring or depressing. Still, getting them off my back leaves me with plenty of time to finish other assignments and get good grades. In one year, my scales went from 200 to 140, and my GPA - from 2.8 to 3.5.

P.S. I know the prices at SpeedyPaper go up the shorter deadline you set. I discovered it a painful way when I forgot about a term paper and had to pay extra for the rush. Since then, I add all my assignment into a calendar and order them well before the deadline. Who knew buying papers online would make me more organized?