Writing a Process Essay: Writing Guidelines and Topics to Consider

How to write a process essay: step-by-step writing guide and encouraging topics

Table of contents:
  1. What is a process essay: definition and specifications
  2. Process essay topics
  3. How to write a process essay: comprehensive guidelines
  4. Tips for writing a process essay
  5. Conclusion

The process essay writing is a challenging assignment that requires a lot of time, desire, motivation, and competence. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that even if you know how to create a compare and contrast paper, an argumentative essay, or other types of projects, it does not mean you will thrive with the process of paper creation. Thus, before you dive into law essay writing or other type, you should deal with the definition, check out the structural specifications and other elements that may influence the result.

What is a process essay: definition and specifications

Although process essay is a subtype of academic writing, there are numerous features that make it different from other projects. Also known as a “how-to” essay, it presupposes comprehensive and consistent instructions on how to succeed with a particular procedure or mechanism.

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Do not start the essay writing process unless you understand the key definitions and specifications of the paper. Start with the basics before you dive into the peculiarities.

While the process essay definition is known, one should move to the peculiarities of the paper writing, taking into account its specifications. At this point, it is indispensable to mind the distinct features of the essay type, including:

  • Straightforward narration - simple language, logical flow of the ideas and clear thoughts should be your priorities. 
  • Chronological order - beware of skipping from one step to another, causing unnecessary confusion. 
  • A detailed description of the steps - each of your steps should be clear and reasonable, so that the readers can keep a track of your ideas. 
  • Transition words - use special words and phrases that will keep your essay coherent, but logically divided into separate parts. 

Additionally, it is integral to differentiate the types of process essays, including directional and informational. The first one is focused on giving instructions on how to do something. The topics can vary a lot, starting with how to use simple items up to how to work with complicated mechanisms. As for the second type, it explains the way something functions. An informational essay is not related to a certain result but is rather concentrated around the process of its achievement.

Process essay topics

Choosing a topic for the process essay is not an easy task, as it requires not only competence and awareness of the topic but also inspiration. How is it possible to succeed with the choice? First of all, focus on something that is interesting for you. Consider the themes that are appealing to you, as it will enhance your chances to thrive with the project. Do you lack ideas for a process essay? Think of the elements that are important for you so that you create an essay that is interesting both for you and the audience.

Striving to aid learners and simplify their choice, we have created a list of the most appealing and up-to-date process essay topics that can inspire you. Check out numerous essay examples and use effective writing tips that will draw you closer to the desired result.

  1. How to play blackjack - process analysis
  2. Process analysis of fitness
  3. Analyzing "Due Process" and "Street Justice" in ethical issues 
  4. The process of inspiration
  5. Process of developing a thesis or argument
  6. NJ budget process
  7. My writing process
  8. Selling process
  9. The american judicial process: wrongful convictions
  10. Highlighting business negotiation process in a multicultural context
  11. Artificial intelligence in the working process
  12. Democratizing the policy process
  13. Democratic decision-making process
  14. Metamorphosis as a biological process
  15. Management change process
  16. Management change process: productivity improvement techniques 
  17. Process in leadership
  18. Strategic management process
  19. Social process principles and development
  20. Cooking cupcakes process
  21. Business process management and productivity
  22. Youngsters' socialization process
  23. Evaluating the budgeting process
  24. Stages of consumer purchasing process
  25. Business process integration
  26. Policy process and analysis
  27. Process of social learning

How to write a process essay: comprehensive guidelines

Writing a process essay is a complicated procedure that presupposes multiple stages indispensable for the achievement of the desired effects. Unfortunately, irrespective of the challenges students may come across, there are effective ways to simplify the task and succeed with the assignment. If you struggle to accomplish the projects and lack writing competence, check out a few guidelines that may draw you closer to the desired results.

Structure and formatting are the core elements of impeccable essay writing that should never be omitted. Stick to the rules and mind numerous specifications to create an essay that will be not only interesting but academically valuable. Keep reading the guidelines to advance the writing process essay quality to a new level.

Process essay outline

Before you immerse yourself in the process essay writing, you should brainstorm the topic, analyze its specifications and single out critical aspects worth discussing. A deep and profound analysis of the theme is halfway to a flawless paper creation. Once you are done with this stage, you should continue the preparatory process.

At this point, one should acknowledge that an essay outline is a fundamental point that guides essay writing. Divide the topic into numerous parts, starting with the introduction, body, and conclusion. Then, take your time to single out other aspects amidst the existing ones. Read sample papers and focus on the structure of the texts created by experts. They may provide you with indispensable guidelines on how to write a process essay that will stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that the more coherent and consistent outline you create, the better quality paper you will get.

  • Introduction. State the topic of your paper and explain the background information. Include the thesis statement and a hook that will keep readers engaged. 
  • Body. This is the biggest part of the essay that requires most attention to details. Divide it into paragraphs, each introducing a separate idea. 
  • Conclusion. Restate your thesis, emphasizing the prominence of the topic under discussion. Do not include new information. 
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Essay outline is an integral part of the writing process that should never be skipped. It is an element that can keep your paper consistent and concise.

Process essay introduction

Once you are done with the preparatory stage, you are ready to move to the process essay. As you are settled with the structure of the text, you will not spend too much time before you move to the introductory passage. Some learners may not agree, but we are convinced that the first part of the paper is the most significant one, as it can evolve the reader’s desire to continue reading or will completely block it.

Do not forget that the paragraph should contain a few critical points, including the hook, background information, and thesis statement. Each element is critical and prominent for the desired success. Keep each aspect short and meaningful so that the audience is excited about the content and its peculiarities.

Body paragraphs

When it comes to the process essay writing, it is indispensable to mention that it consists of multiple critical steps that explain the way something functions. Therefore, the body part will automatically be divided into an array of passages. The main task of the writer here is to keep each part of the text short, relevant, and informative. Avoid including too many details that are individual or situational and cannot influence the overall result.

Process essay conclusion

Finally, once you have succeeded with the introductory part and the how-to-do section, you need to draw conclusions. Working on a process essay, the results of the study should be related to the flawless completion of a certain process. Do not include new ideas, but rather reiterate the ones that have already been mentioned in the previous parts. End up with the ideas on how to develop the topic under discussion and motivation for learners to continue diving into the specifications of the theme.

Tips for writing a process essay

Have you discovered some of the most critical peculiarities of the process essay writing? You are multiple steps closer to the achievement of the desired result. However, you can also take advantage of extra tips that will contribute to the quality of your writing, making your project much more meaningful and relevant.

At this point, it is indispensable to mention a process essay outline, which seems to be a prominent element of the creation process. Make sure you keep it logical, well-structured, and consistent. Additionally, pay due attention to the following aspects to make your paper stand out.

  • Present your steps and guidelines in chronological order so that the paper is easy to read, comprehend and follow.
  • Divide the paper into three main stages. Later, you can single out multiple aspects within each point.
  • Create a paragraph mentioning the materials needed for the completion of the process. It can be included anywhere in the text, but in most cases, students use it after the introduction.
  • Include time-specific transition words. It will help you keep the text consistent and logical, indicating the time you move from one point to another.
  • Avoid imperative sentences that will affect the writing process essay procedure.

Apart from the key points specified above, process essay examples may also be the elements that will contribute to the quality of the writing. Tons of effective ideas, interesting concepts, and extraordinary instruments are the exact options you should be looking for. Check out at least one comprehensive process essay example to get inspired.

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In many cases, reading and analyzing a simple essay example can considerably speed the completion of the project and supply you with effective writing instruments.


Taking into account all the information mentioned in a comprehensive process essay writing guide, students get an opportunity to succeed with the project stress-free. Following simple instructions, you will get closer to the achievement of the desired results. Take your time to browse the SpeedyPaper website and detect an impressive number of process essay samples. Additionally, a range of other paper examples are available. Do you need extra tips on how to write a definition essay? Just browse the page and find the answer. Apart from a rich collection of paper examples, students can find a database of inspiring topics to discuss. 

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