SpeedyPaper is against war in Ukraine

SpeedyPaper is against war in Ukraine

We, at SpeedyPaper.com, have been shocked to see a full scale war breaking out in Europe in the 21st century. We are not a political organization, but we can’t stand apart and not express our support for peace in Ukraine. 

We strongly believe that peace and freedom are irrevocable rights given to all people regardless of nationality, political views or government's intentions. There should be no place for armed conflicts and war in the modern world.

If you feel in a similar fashion, you may join our plea for peace in any appropriate way:

  1. Express your concern to your political representatives.
  2. Donate to alleviate the humanitarian disaster:
    1. International: Committee of the Red Cross. PayPal is accepted (link)
    2. US: Razom for Ukraine - various medical and emergency supplies (link)
    3. UK: Official page of the Ukrainian Embassy in UK - in GBP funds (link)
    4. UK: Ukraine Charity - 100% of donations will be matched by EBRD (link)
  3. Donate to support Defense of Ukraine: 
    1. Direct official support to the armed forces via National Bank of Ukraine (link)
    2. Support Ukraine in Crypto (link)
  4. Follow the local news in English
    1. Ukrainska Pravda newspaper website
    2. The New Voice of Ukraine newspaper website
    3. Twitter - UkraineWorld
    4. Kyiv Independent - newspaper website
    5. Ukraine now - all verified sources


SpeedyPaper.com is not affiliated with any fundraising services, we are not engaged in any political movements or organizations. All links have been taken from official sources. Feel free to contact your local charity organization to find what you can do to help.