The Wrong Ways Of Coping With The Finals Stress

Top ways to cope with your exam stress

Finals preparation can drive even the sanest of students up the wall. You go crazy trying to cram as much knowledge as you can into your brain. You bite the bullet and try to cope with the academic challenges without getting a professional essay writer help. However, the idea of getting help with paper does not leave you? You want to forget about anxiety and stress? You forgot sleep and food, and a million questions whirl around in an endless loop. Until one day you step out of the exam room, and a whole new wave of stress crashes over you. Was that the right answer? Did your friends answer the same? Are you going to crash and burn? You know that you are on self-destructive track if you find yourself in one of these scenarios:

You start rifling through the notes looking for the right answers the moment you step out of the exam room

It seems natural that after the exam is finished, you want to check your notes and books to see if your answers are correct. However tempting the prospect is, restrain yourself. This way only heartbreak lies. And you don‘t want to feel depressed on top of feeling tired and anxious. Checking your notes can go three ways:

  1. You got the answers perfectly right (this scenario is very rare).
  2. Your answer is correct, but not complete, because you‘ve forgotten some points.
  3. Your answer is wrong, and you won‘t get any points for this question.

Instead of fretting over wrong and incomplete answers, put your notes away and give yourself a break. The test is over, and you can‘t change your answers now. You are better off not knowing how wrong or right you were. Just wait for the exam results to be posted.

the finals are over

You hash out the answers with your classmates after the test

It is another reflexive urge to discuss your answers with your classmates after the exam. But this will only cause you undue stress. When you compare answers, and they are the same, you might convince yourselves that they are correct, even if they are not. But if your answers are different, you can start an argument trying to convince each other that the other‘s answer is wrong, while your own is correct. To avoid this unnecessary stress, avoid all talk about the test. Discuss the upcoming holidays, Christmas gifts, anything other than school.

You feel stupid and helpless because you gave the wrong answers

When the exam feels like a disaster, don‘t let it get you down. There are dozens of reasons the test went badly for you. Maybe you have chosen the wrong books for your revision, or your lecture notes were not comprehensive enough. Or you might have been too nervous before the exam to take in any useful information. If you had a headache, felt nauseous or had a low blood sugar, all these factors could have influenced your results. Whatever you think is the reason for your poor performance, use it as a learning experience and try to do better next semester. And don‘t beat yourself up. One bad grade will not ruin your future career, and you still have plenty of chances to improve the GPA and get it to a perfect 4.0.

The finals are over, and the holidays are upon us. There is no reason to feel down when you finally get to go home, celebrate with your family and relax for a couple of weeks. The spring semester will and bring new essays, research papers, tests, and stress. But for now have fun and recuperate, you‘ve earned your holiday break!

Extra tips to relax and unwind after exams

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