What Is Leadership - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-28 13:53:19
What Is Leadership - Essay Sample
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Leadership definition

Every employer in whatever industry looks for leadership traits in most of their employees. Leadership skills to the prospective employees are a sign that the employee is able to work with people offer good job performance and as well boost on career advancements. Most of these skills usually are lerned or acquired during the course of the students stay in school and once they are done and new to the job market these skills help them in their day to day activities in the job place. This paper seeks to prove the fact that lerdership skills acquired as a student have a positive impact on the someones ocareer.

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To most people leadership skills ha;ep them the moment they step into an office or place of work. Testimonials by several millennials have it that when they first landed their jobs leadership skills palyed a vital role in their settling in the places of work. To them most employers considered candidates with leadership skills since these candidates could lead by example. They could take on duties and work with a diverse work force to ensure that work is flowing.this sets an overview of the role played by student leadership in the development of carrers. Student leadership entails taking of risks. This is at the university level.risk taking develops on into someones career. If the suitable employee was once a leader in the university taking risks will not be a big issue. This is becasuse such a person understands the aspect of risk and the ways in which to carry himself or herself in such situations. Being able to understand risk and its effects will as well mean that the person is able to come up with possible mechanisms to mitigate risks. Firms face a lot of risks as such there is need for the people working in the firm to know how to successfully handle risks. This is learned or acquired at an erly age in the university or college throughtaking on leadership roles. In essesnce leadership skills help in enhancing the career of an individual. Leaders have good communication skills. They are able to work with different people.these skills are vital for all employees. Communication skills of a leader enable them to effectively listen and respond to ideas in a firm. Developed communication skills will enable the leader to convince other workers to work towards meeting specified job objectives in the work place. For people who once were leaders its an easy tsk since they have that convincing language and people re able to listen to them. This shows that they are able to take on roles and meet the deadlines on time something which most employers look for in potential employees.

Leadership skills are vital for the planning process.having taken leadershoip roles will enable the employee to work on a plan that will see to it that both personal and organizational goals are met on time.peole who have been leaders have a tight work schedule as such they are able to meet planned targets on time.this works to the advantage of their crrer since they are in position to meet targets on time.

In conclusion leaserdhip skills acquired from an early age have a great impact on carrer developement.leaders are able to take measurable risk convince fellow employees st nd meet targets as well as work on tight schedules something that impresses most employers.student leadership is good for career developement.

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