American Civil War

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Civil war essay samples

You are welcome to read our sivil war essay samples. The American Civil War is one of the most significant battles recorded in the history of America.
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Social-conflict essay samples

You are welcome to read our social-conflict essay samples. Civil war refers to the active social conflict that results to fighting among the members of a community or a nation due to a number of factors that affect their important aspects of lives.
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What caused the civil war essay

You are welcome to read our essay about what caused the civil war.Civil war emerges from the existence of conflicts in political and economic interests.
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Crittenden Compromise and Missouri Compromised

The Crittenden Compromise and Missouri compromised was rejected because many leaders thought that it was unsustainable. They wanted to ensure the right of slavery in all the states where such a practice existed.
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The Battle of Antietam

From archives at the Civil War Trust, (2017) the America Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865. Starting out as a struggle between the seceding South and the North who wanted to preserve the Union.
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Civil Liability

In the last three decades, there has been a rapid increase in the roles and functions played by the police in law enforcement. The complexity of their jobs makes their profession more vulnerable to citizens litigations and lawsuits.
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African-Americans in the Civil War

How many African-Americans were brought to the United States for the purpose of slavery? Starting in 1619, 12.5 million African-Americans were taken from their families and homes
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