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The Afghanistan Culture and how it is a Threat to the US

The culture in Afghanistan has been in existence for the past two thousand years, and its beginnings can be traced back to at least the Achaemenid Empire during the 500 BCE (Emadi, 2005). It is also known as the place of Afghans or the land of Afg...
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2017-08-15 14:15:39

Communication barriers between Nigerians and Chinese

Race and social class differences have greatly impacted the lives of many people and affected their relations and chances of transacting businesses. However, the most critical factor that is making it difficult for the world today to integrate and...
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2017-08-18 14:42:20


I walk into a room in which light disseminates evenly throughout. The walls are covered with frames like patchwork, each fitting strangely into their oddly-shaped neighbors, but separated so that the perfectly white wall beneath creates seems arou...
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2017-08-19 09:22:31

Personal Statement

Globalization has led to the increased need for communication between individuals from different cultures, societies, and geographical boundaries. Language as a means of communication is at the core of facilitating interaction between people all o...
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2017-08-19 10:43:10


The first time an individual encounters a recipe that has names of the ingredients he or she has never heard of, it is advisable to find out the facts about them. Primarily, one of the ingredients of what is termed as super food in some regions is...
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2017-08-20 15:48:50

How business negotiation is against a multicultural context

As a result of escalating worldwide globalization of the business, international negotiation takes a large part of the organization time. Also, academic research asserts that a cultural context shapes the negotiation activities. For example, negot...
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2017-08-21 11:27:36

Multicultural Context of Business Negotiation

Executive SummaryDoing business in the twenty-first century has been easy though challenging. There has been a massive development of technology that
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2017-08-21 11:45:48

Tracing Julia Kristeva's notion of the 'abject' through specific philosophers and their views on art

This paper will discuss the opinion and comparative studies made by Julia Kristeva on the subject of abject. The paper will also give Kristevas critical analysis of abject from the eye of other scholars like Derrida. The opinion of Kristeva is th...
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2017-08-22 10:51:16

Business Negotiation Process in a Multicultural Context

Culture is an innate characteristic of every human being. It is from our culture that we identify and judge ourselves, our environment and circumstance and the people and events happening around us. The spread of globalization has made world busin...
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2017-08-22 11:20:56

Skills required for effective communication for multicultural background

Effective communication proves to be a key interpersonal skill that has great benefits to the humanity, and this proves the need for the society to master the skill and improve on personal and professional communication of both the social and the ...
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2017-08-23 13:50:25