Impact of Communication Skills, Free Essay Sample for All Students

Published: 2022-02-16 23:21:10
Impact of Communication Skills, Free Essay Sample for All Students
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Communication is the process through which individuals convey a message from one person to another. It is effective when the recipient can decode the encoded information by the sender. Communication may be verbal, written or even nonverbal. The paper will discuss the various communication theories that help one change himself or herself and those around him or her. It will express the lessons learned in for effective communication to take place. The use of Amy's will be essential in exploring how we apply communication skills in our life.

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Body language is one of the sufficient means to emphasize the spoken words uttered to pass a message. Body language in one way or another significantly produces emotional drive as well as the mood at which the communication is delivered ("Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy.", 2019). Communication skills that entail gesture, facial expression and body movements provide a great acknowledgement of the information passed. To some extent, the nonverbal communication projects an upright manifestation of the displayed information. For example, different, arm movements are created to enhance communication. People may use their hand to direct their spoken words by stressing in the information.

Generally, communication shapes oneself as well as those around you. There are various incidences of the communication that helps in creating an impressive and to the point communication. One can easily create mood and emotional, both verbally and non-verbally. For instance, to provide compassionate feeling, people find themselves use their arms to express it by opening it wide ("Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy.", 2019). At this point, people around us can acknowledge our compassion to them and how to react to it. Similarly, they develop the same aspects of communication in engaging their opponents in successful communication.

Also, facial expression depicts what one's attitude toward those people that are engaged in conversation is. One may appear rude or glad about something that they are talking about. For instance, an audience or recipient may be compelled by facial expression and get an immediate impression of the verbal communication that is about to be induced in conversation. People around may always like to listen to you, especially when you give them a hint of communication through facial impression and indications. The audience of the information may develop listening skills through paying attention to facial movements that portray unspoken word and the feeling of the communication (Miller, 2005). Thus people around one ma efficiently encode and learn a more compassionate way to impress the crowd.

Communication can also help an individual make changes that in one way or another may impact personal life. For instance, one can possess a motivational speaking ability that yields to career line. Communication, therefore, develops the career line as well as motivating those around you (Miller, 2005). The facial and gesture positioning aid the audience to understand the great significance of the information disseminated in regards to the context.

In the various sphere of communication, one can critically attain specific behaviour in communication that in one way or another may induce the essence and compelling nature of one communication skills. The politicians gain courage and great speeches that are accompanied by the gestures and body movements to drive the crowd into their opinion ultimately. It, therefore, implies that several factors are considered by the audience on who gets to the parliamentary to act on behave of the people. The career progresses out of communication skills that marvels the crowd in deciding your fate in political mission.


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