Essay Sample: New Improvement on Foreign Policy in Presidential Campaigns

Published: 2022-02-24 15:29:28
Essay Sample: New Improvement on Foreign Policy in Presidential Campaigns
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The modern world had made it easy for growing of globalization across the globe. And it is through globalization that foreign policies had become more significant for any nation on different continents. For this reason, the United States is increasing, showing a willingness to improve foreign policies to be in a better position of ensuring national security, and at the same time, growing the economy. In this essay, it is worth realizing the need for the comparison of the foreign policies on immigration in the last presidential election with new policies that would be promoted during the upcoming presidential election. It further incorporates the historical events in American history, which had developed immigration in the country. This also includes the potential Democrats' opinions about the foreign immigration policies of the United States. Therefore, this provides depth insight into the foreign policies regarding the immigrants in the United States.

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Foreign Policy Environment

It is, however, worth understanding that the United States was made up of immigrants from different continents of the world. The immigration policies need to be put into consideration, particularly for the United States (Heer, 2018). And this implies the significances of elaboration of effective foreign strategies concerning immigration. Even though the immigrant people built the United States, it is often engaged in immigration debates, particularly during the election (Gutierrez, 2016). For example, George Washington once made a speech on opening arms for immigrants from all countries. It was also a critical issue for the regime of Benjamin Franklin, who emphasized the English immigrants, particularly in Pennsylvania (Hing, 2018). The fair immigration foreign policies had been the core values of the American presidency ever since. Therefore, this implies the need for the debate on international immigration policies in the upcoming presidential election in 2020.

The Current Foreign Policy of the United States on Immigration

In the recent presidential election, the acting president Donald Trump openly opposed the grant of residence permits to immigrants in the United States. He further classified the immigrants who would be agreed to stay in the country; hence leaving many families unclassified, and also separating children with their parents (Klingner, 2018). On the other hand, his democrat opponent, known as Mrs. Hillary Clinton, opposed these opinions with clarification of the significances of fair immigration policies for the United States. According to Bill Ong Hing, a professor of law at the University of San Francisco, the current foreign immigration policies are a threat to human rights (Hing, 2018). And this is further narrated in his book titled 'American Presidents, Deportation and Human Rights Violations.' It is an indication of the threatening foreign policies of Trump's regime to the immigrants within the country's territories.

For President Trump, the foreign policies adopted on the issue of immigration are deemed to be more discriminatory. The Trump administration had put more effort into guarding the borders, particularly with Mexico in the south part of the country (Wildavsky, 2017). Thus, this has prevented the influx of Mexican immigrants and as well as other immigrants. And the ones who use the Mexican borders to enter the United States. With depth insight, the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was strongly supported by both Obama and Hillary Clinton, who wanted to strengthen it (Hing, 2018). The Trump administration had limited legal immigration, such as 'green card' visas, and as well as citizens from various Muslim nations such as Iraq, Iran, Somali, etc. (Bahtia et al., 2018). These policies indicate the changes that had been implemented in foreign policies regarding immigration.

Although he promised to build a concrete wall from preventing immigrants from entering the country, and it had not been implemented. And besides, the arguments of Trump against the institutions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights could unleash the basic instincts, hence leaving immigrants with no protection within the borders of the United States (Hing, 2018). The reform of foreign policies on immigration by Trump had a significant impact on the undocumented immigrants who are considered as criminals (Kahn, 2018). Thus, this led to the detention of immigrants. And this approach had not been used by any other president of the United States in the past. Foreign Immigration Policy Alternatives

Even though the United States is going into election next year, it is required for the proposal of the new policies regarding immigrants in the United States. As a democrat, the enactment of fair foreign policies on immigration involves consideration of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights (Hing, 2018). Thus, this serves as the basis at which the international systems on immigration are enacted. Since criminal activities do not correlate with the increasing number of immigrants. It is required for the consideration of the necessity of a right relationship with foreign nations in a way that doesn't restrict the movement of their citizens into the United States (Chand et al., 2019). And also, as a global refugee crisis is raging, our nation needs to recognize problems that refugees are facing at large. The contribution of refugees in our country's leadership and economy should not be ignored (Gutierrez, 2016). Therefore, this requires support for the enactment of fair immigration policies such as family-based visas, employment-based visas, and also refugee resettlement-based visas without regard to race, religion, gender, etc. (Bach, 2019). It will not only prevent the violation of human rights, but also the facilitation of globalization.

Policy Recommendation

In the United States, the issue of immigration had been debated often, even though the majority of the citizens were once immigrants. And today they are those people on the same soil that some are will-being restricted. In my opinion, I am standing to defend and protect human rights while ensuring that the United States is establishing a good relationship with other nations all over the world. It needs to be complemented with the willingness to welcome all the immigrants without discrimination of any kind. Moreover, the contribution of the United States is more essential in the struggle to end the refugee crisis in the world. It is no exception to us because some refugees are fleeing towards us, and they eventually arrive at our soil. Therefore, there is a need for the enactment of the laws that facilitate the unification of refugees through family-based resettlement

Due to various measures taken upon the enactment of the legislation supporting the building of the walls separating the Mexico-United States, the security of the United States is necessary. But there is a need for saving the lives that are being lost insight and hands of our security agents at the southern borders with Mexico. And it is more critical to couple it with the effective and efficient approaches that do not violate human rights. The method requires the reassessment of the detention base to reunify the families separated with their children. Furthermore, the foreign policies that would be enacted need to consider the immigrants who were brought in the United States while still too young. Therefore, it is worth understanding the need for the recognition of those immigrants for the protection of human rights.


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