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Presentation Skills on YouTube

The way how the speaker uses presentation skills has a direct effect on whether the desired result will be achieved. While all speakers may have identical timing to communicate with their audience, some will always outperform others. Some people b...
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2017-07-19 10:43:55

Exam Questions and Preparation Notes for Marketing test

Nike relied heavily on social media as a fundamental tool for marketing. The prominent value of social media as a prompt or ambush marketing tool is no doubt intriguing. As outlined in this essay, the social media can be used to create an implicat...
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2017-09-05 07:19:40

Social Media Research Paper

You are welcome to read our Social Media Research Paper. Social media advent has revolutionized communication. The increasing use of smartphone and now the wearable device is taking this revolution to yet another level. Yet studies in social media...
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2017-10-24 12:27:03

Social Media Evolution

Once we have integrated GIS studies and Topic Discovery and Evolution (TDE) approaches into the current social media module, graduates will be well-equipped to handle contemporary issues related to social media evolution and usage. Other than soci...
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2017-10-24 12:39:05

Social Media Influence

You are welcome to read the essay on Social Media Influence. Communication can be defined as the act in which information is passed from the sender to the envisioned receiver through the use of a medium. It can also be demarcated as an ongoing pro...
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2017-10-27 13:10:52

Public Health Campaign on Social Media

Social media is defined by Chadwick (2015) as any form of electronic communication through which people from all over the world can come up with online communities and develop platforms with the aim of sharing information. Social media platforms i...
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2017-10-27 13:19:25

Social Network Analysis Methods and Applications

You are welcome to read the essay about social network analysis methods and applications. The research is to evaluate ramifications of SNA.
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2017-11-20 11:20:57

The Social Media

The social media and its various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram has become a part of peoples everyday life.
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2017-12-06 10:34:32

Negative Effects of Social Media

Apart from the noted positive effects of Facebook in fostering the practice of cultural values, practices may be adverse to the normal life.
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2017-12-06 10:40:17

Transmission Lines, Electromagnetics

In network the best approach is to apply Kirchhoffs Laws. The procedures are explained based on branch current process.
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2017-12-12 17:30:42