What Is the Public Health? | Free Essay Sample for All Students

Published: 2022-03-14 02:16:51
What Is the Public Health? | Free Essay Sample for All Students
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The well-being and prosperity of any nation are impossible without the good health of every citizen. That is why the goal of any state is to create a favorable environment for every person. The desire for population growth and economic well-being led to public health trends. But what does this term mean, and what aspects does it describe? So, public health is a scientific branch of the medical system aimed at preventing diseases, epidemics, and any health problems of the entire nation. Moreover, the purpose of special health agencies is to develop activities and methods to improve the immunity of the population, as well as psychological and social support.

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Public Health Agencies and Epidemiological Control

One of the key tasks of modern health agencies is epidemiological control. The fact is that viruses can spread among people at high speed. One day, hundreds or even thousands of infected people can create a real panic in the metropolis. That is why agencies try to prevent the spread of seasonal viral diseases. The first and most effective method is vaccination. Agencies and social services promote injections as one of the most effective ways to avoid infection or alleviate the disease's effects.

The second method of preventing epidemics is to increase the population's immunity. This strategy is longer-term than immunization but also reduces the infection rate. Special agencies promote certain vitamins, foods, drugs, or vitamin supplements to increase resistance to viruses and other ailments. In addition, the state is promoting personal hygiene practices, social distancing, and medical masks to prevent infection at a short distance.

In addition, health agencies conduct social campaigns to convey to the population the importance of preventing epidemics. But if the number of infected people grows, then special virus infection control centers have protocols for localizing certain sectors in any city. Moreover, health agencies have many options for forming groups of infected people to identify the virus and generate vaccines. As a rule, all such procedures are automated so that the population does not succumb to panic.

Public Health: Psychological and Social Support

Not all Public Health (PH) activities solely focus on disease control. One of the main PH directions is psychological and social support. The fact is that not all people can cope with stress in an epidemic or any serious illness. Moreover, some diseases directly affect the brain and hormones, increasing stress, panic, and uncertainty about the future.

That is why PH agencies always try to minimize the psychological pressure on the population. Usually, state support is manifested in social programs, financial and physical assistance. People can seek help online at the nearest mental health center or visit the nearest clinic to consult with a doctor.

Original & Modern Focal Areas

Since the 18th century, most modern countries have had only three key public health goals:

  • Supplying people with clean water and medicines;
  • controlling infectious diseases;
  • creating an infrastructure for the statistical and laboratory analysis of ailments.

The modern PH industry is focused on a wider range of issues. The fact is that humanity managed to contain the spread of infectious diseases, and now the key priorities have changed a bit. Currently, PH agencies are exploring the possibility of controlling chronic diseases and generating drugs to improve immunity. By the way, here is the important information provided by the GDD centers.

Global Disease Detection by the Numbers

Antibiotics and insulin capsules have made a medical revolution, so now humanity is contributing in every possible way to the generation of drugs for AIDS and other diseases. In addition, governments are creating public health programs to prevent an increase in the number of people with diabetes. At the moment, this problem is even more relevant than viral diseases. That is why PH agencies are trying to improve access to new technologies and treatments for the entire population.

Health Inequalities

Even though humanity has taken a giant step towards social and health activities, many people still have unequal opportunities. Many problems are related to social status, financial, and legal aspects. In general, not all citizens have access to health services for several reasons. Despite such gaps in the healthcare system, many countries are trying to make a difference and implement a fair PH policy for all citizens. Here are the main aspects relevant to modern society at the moment.

Poverty and Access to Medicines/Treatment Programs

The main problem for modern society is the inequality of income and opportunities. Poor people cannot afford good health insurance and certain services. As a result, wealthy people's morbidity and mortality rates are significantly lower. In addition, a low social class experiences mental problems and constant stress. As a result, increased cortisol generation leads to health problems. But another problem of poor people is the "territory of living." As a rule, people with low income live in criminal areas and risk developing bad habits.

Drugs and alcohol are triggers that directly affect the progression of many diseases. As a result, people with low incomes are at risk and experience health problems. There are special social programs for poor people in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Basic health insurance provides access to most services, preventive and curative activities. Particular attention of PH representatives is aimed at childhood diseases since ignoring diseases at a young age can lead to pathologies and even death. That is why most countries have PH centers to help children and adolescents.

PH Strategies Related to Public Health Issues

Each country has a PH strategy to provide medical support for all population categories. However, the goals of such initiatives may differ. For example, in the USA, Canada, and most European countries, there are so-called "local" strategies. Their goal is to help a specific group of people in a selected region. The fact is that some cities need priority assistance due to natural, social or epidemiological factors.

At the same time, there are many global strategies. For example, the USA and Canada are countries where childhood and adult obesity has become a national problem. Fast food, soda, and sweets have become a trigger and springboard for generating excess weight. That is why PH agencies are developing strategies to promote healthy food and sports activities. Moreover, representatives of the medical field are even seeking to change the formulation of many food products to improve the nation's well-being.

The Main Goal of PH Structures and Agencies

The fact is that public health is an important parameter for any state. That is why the goal of any PH agency is to provide equal access to medical services and medicines. Most countries are purchasing new equipment to diagnose and treat dangerous diseases. As you can see, the main goal of PH representatives is to create a safe environment where every citizen can receive medical care. But all of the above aspects are just the tip of the iceberg.

The main problem is to convince the population of the most preventive and immunization activities. Society tends to believe in myths and side effects. The fear of the unknown led to the so-called "Anti-Vaccination Society." Most anti-vaxxers believe that the injections contain poison, nanorobots, or a special substance to change DNA. Unfortunately, such myths and fears are common even among the middle class. That is why the primary task of all PH agencies is to debunk the myth and popularize preventive treatment methods.

Future PH Perspectives and Opportunities

The PH industry aims to improve medical infrastructure, methods of diagnosis, and disease prevention. Another vector of development is the control of epidemics and tools for localizing their consequences. That is why many PH agencies are teaming up to create innovative medical products and technologies. The medical industry may effectively help the population cope with epidemics and any chronic diseases in the future.

The capabilities of many states allow today to provide advanced medical technologies and solutions to ordinary people. The PH industry may follow the path of reducing the cost of treatment and prevention. In addition, many countries are promoting new initiatives to provide free medical services for many population categories. Such a strategy will help maintain the nation's health at a high level.

However, PH agencies will have to go through a difficult stage of popularizing new technologies and medical services, as the population of most countries prefers classical solutions. However, the right marketing campaigns and prioritization can make these tasks easier. In any case, humanity will come to the stage of introducing innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of PH services. Key changes may come very soon. The modern industry will certainly introduce new innovative technologies that will become the starting point for improving medical care.


As you can see, public health directly depends on the social strategy of each state. New technologies, innovative treatments, and vaccines help people cope with most ailments on time. In addition, PH agencies are involved in international developments to create new conditions for controlling little-studied viruses. Such activities favorably affect the population, getting quick access to all services and medicines. This strategy may become a key one in the next 10-20 years for all progressive countries.

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