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Why does every student need an essay writing service?

Why would you use an essay writing service when you can deal with every paper on your own? Unfortunately, schoolwork tends to pile up regardless of your extracurricular obligations, love-life catastrophes, and occasional bouts of flu. And when the choice is between failing the class or pulling another all-nighter, it may seem like you have no good options. That's when an essay writing service comes into play, with all its benefits, like:
  • Extra free time. A good essay writing website can save you up to four hours daily, taking over research, planning, writing, and editing.
  • GPA boost. With a professional essay writing service on your side, you'll see a significant improvement in your grades across all classes.
  • Stress-free nights. Even a cheap essay writing service will alleviate the constant anxiety and depression of never being good enough for your instructors.
If that looks like something you'd like to experience first-hand, outsourcing your essay writing to SpeedyPaper is the first step.

What makes SpeedyPaper the best essay writing help service?

If you've never used an essay writing help service, you probably have no idea what it entails. While we can't speak for every company, with SpeedyPaper, you get:
  • Reasonable prices. You get a relatively cheap essay writing service, with rates starting at $11 for undergrads and $9 for high schoolers. That's below industry-average costs and way lower than what popular websites would have you pay for their brands. Besides, you can pay for essay writing in installments if the order total is beyond your budget.
  • Customized essay writing. You can get as detailed as needed with your instructions, and our essay writing service will meet every one to a T. Our experts craft each paper from the ground up without relying on canned, ready-made solutions or AI-generated content.
  • Solid research and writing. You get better grades thanks to our quality papers. Our fast essay writing service doesn't cut corners when it comes to finding credible sources and planning out a compelling argument. We strive to deliver A-worthy papers while remaining a speedy and cheap essay writing solution.
  • Free revisions. You can request multiple corrections for free. No self-respecting essay writer service can guarantee a top grade, but we can promise to keep enhancing the piece until you're 100% happy with it. So get as many revisions as you need to get the paper you want.
  • Round-the-clock support. You get urgent help and immediate answers whenever you need them. We believe that an online essay writing service doesn't need office hours, as we work 24/7, non-stop, helping you place orders, answering your questions, updating you on your paper's progress, and providing any other assistance you need.
And if these benefits aren't enough to convince you, our essay service has an ace up our sleeve, and that's our team of top experts.

Who are SpeedyPaper essay writers?

Creative, smart, and passionate writers are the heart of our essay writing help online service. They bring your ideas to life, help you get over school challenges, and uphold the immaculate reputation of the SpeedyPaper essay service.
Although we protect our team by keeping their identities secret, we can share a few things our essay service experts have in common. They are all:
  • Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degree holders. As our online writing service specializes in all assignment types, from 5-paragraph essays to theses, we employ experts across the most popular majors holding different degrees and possessing hands-on experience in their respective fields.
  • Owners of impressive academic writing portfolios. Being an expert isn't enough to become a member of our professional writing service team. We expect our employees to possess flawless writing style, and their portfolios help us find the best of the best.
  • Those who passed our essay service tests. SpeedyPaper is a quick essay writing service, so we need to be sure our writers can work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. They go through several trials, including a timed writing task that helps us choose the fastest of qualified applicants.
  • Successful team members with positive reviews. Once on the SpeedyPaper payroll, each writer develops a personal rating based on their performance and customer reviews. High-performing experts become our TOP and PRO writers, and we let go of the underperforming employees.
And if our writers aren't a compelling enough argument for you to choose our service to write your essay, we have one final consideration to address.

How do our guarantees keep you safe?

Most students share two biggest reservations about using any essay writing service online. Think about it:
  • Are you scared of getting caught and getting in trouble with school?
  • Are you afraid SpeedyPaper is a scam that will steal your money?
Let us dispel your fears about using our essay writing service with two immutable guarantees:
  • We guarantee your school will never learn you've used our essay writer service. We keep your name, other personal info, and order details under lock and key and do not share it with anyone. Unless you admit to using an essay writing service online, your professors will never have solid proof. And without it, you'll be 100% safe from persecution and punishment.
  • We guarantee you'll get your money back if our essay writing expert fails you. If revisions don't help to make the paper better and it doesn't meet your instructions, we'll issue a partial or full refund. All you need to do is reach out to our team, and we'll launch a refund inquiry. Thousands of students know SpeedyPaper as a professional writing service, and we value that reputation. So there's zero risk of losing your money with us.
We commend your desire to find the best college essay writing service out there, and we hope SpeedyPaper can meet your exacting standards.

Ready to try our essay service?

Working with an online essay writing service for the first time is always daunting. And you're not the first student to have doubts before using SpeedyPaper. To get over this anxiety, skip our MBA essay writing service. Pick a less critical assignment instead, that's due in a week or two, and that doesn't affect your class grade much. Use it as your trial run to see how our essay writing service operates and work out the kinks in the order process.
Once you receive the paper, you'll finally have tangible proof SpeedyPaper is, in fact, the best college essay writing service. After that, you'll feel much more comfortable using the term paper writing service and other advanced services.
So give it a try and contact our support team if you need help placing your first order!


Why should I pay upfront when I order essay writing service?

Our essay writing service matches students with academic experts, protecting both parties from online scams. Our transparent money-back policy protects your payment, while the upfront payment assures our writers you have the funds to cover the cost of their services. It's a tried-and-true system that's been in place for a decade, and it has never let us down.

How long does it take to write my essay?

Six hours is the shortest turnaround time our essay writing service offers. We can complete most papers within 24 hours. But we ask you to keep your expectations realistic and set longer deadlines for lengthy projects, like theses and capstone projects.

How can I be sure the essay I get is original?

Our essay service runs each piece through an advanced plagiarism check before delivering it to you. However, you can also request a full plagiarism report to come with your essay to be 100% sure it's original.

Will I get in trouble for using your service?

No. For one, you get an original piece that will pass a Turnitin check without raising any red flags. For another, our essay service is completely confidential, so the only way anyone can learn about your order is if you tell them about it.

What do I do if I don't like the writing service you provide?

Our essay writing service comes with free revisions, so you can get your writer to enhance the paper. But you can also request a full or partial refund if none of the free revisions help and the paper doesn't match your requirements.
  • Authentic papers
    Authentic papers
    Enjoy original essay writing from scratch with zero uncited borrowings and none of the AI-generated nonsense your professors hate.
  • Prompt delivery
    Prompt delivery
    Get a submission-ready essay within a few hours of ordering it, or give our writers a few days to complete the paper and cut the costs.
  • 24/7 on-demand support
    24/7 on-demand support
    Receive instant progress updates and answers to your questions any time of day or night without care for office hours and bank holidays.

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I'm new to the whole essay service concept, but it sure made my life easier. I finally caught a few zs. If I get at least a B-, I'll call it a huge win.


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I can't believe I'm the last one to buy an essay in my class. These guys do them for cheap, and the writing's really good, way better than what I can do on my own.

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