Thesis Statement Generator

A thesis statement is a starting point of any writing. This is the main idea that you want to introduce to your readers. It is not enough to simply say what you are going to discuss; you need to present your idea in a brief and argumentative way to capture the reader's attention. But how to make a catchy thesis statement that will both demonstrate the main issue of your writing and sound convincing? Many students struggle with this subject, spending hours in vain attempts to provide a perfect thesis statement. To relieve this everlasting headache, we have created a thesis statement building tool. Here is what you need to do to get a good thesis statement for your paper in a couple of minutes.
1. Add a Topic
The first thing you need to include is the topic of your paper. You can use the one provided by your professor or you can formulate your own. If you are having a hard time coming up with a good paper title, check this list of narrative essay topics. You can also go through some excellent essay topics, rhetorical analysis essay topics, and evaluation essay topics.
2. Why do you support the main idea of your topic?
Now, when you have chosen a good topic for your paper, you need to think about your position and decide why you support the main idea behind the subject of discussion. To cope with this task, think about positive and negative aspects. Make a short list of points and try to define what unites them all.
3. Provide the opposite side of your argumentation
There hardly exists an issue that cannot be disproved. So, think about the negative effects your issue may have. You can apply the same principle you did when you chose the positive aspects of your topic. Create a list of negative points and define what unites them all.
4. Why do you still support the idea despite its negative aspects?
Now, when you have defined both positive and negative sides of your issue, you have to provide a reason why, despite the negative aspects, the position that you support is still the right one.
5. Get your thesis statement or make corrections if necessary
Click the “Generate” button to get your thesis statement.
You can edit it right here in this box to refine the details. When you are totally satisfied with the result, you can put your thesis statement in the paper and start working on your assignment. Good luck!

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Thesis Statement Generator

Free Thesis Statement Generator For Every Paper

The first thing professors look for in every paper you submit is a thesis statement. One short sentence makes the world of difference and can transform mediocre writing into a stunning piece. Add a thesis to your paper, and your grade will rocket from C or B to A. Still, drafting a clear thesis statement is a work of hours, and if you are not skilled with condensing the essence of your essay, it might take you days. Luckily, we are here to help you with hands-on advice and free rein of our automatic thesis statement builder. With a single mouse click, it will save your time and improve your grades.

Thesis Statement Builder For Quick Results

A well-crafted thesis statement allows readers to assess the main idea of your paper and get a basic grasp of the arguments you are about to make in the main body paragraphs. You can think of a thesis as a single-sentence abstract and outline for your essay. If you always struggle with this stage of writing, use our tips.
First, phrase your idea in as few words as possible. Then list all arguments or claims you will be making. Add a note about opposing ideas you might address. Think about how you will round up the paper, with a clear view of the finish line, developing a thesis will be easier.
Once you have everything in writing, combine your idea, arguments, and claims into a short passage. Reread them carefully and delete non-essential filler words and condense the meaning into one perfect thesis statement. It will help you structure the paper and keep on track through body paragraphs and conclusion. However, if you still struggle with a thesis and the deadline is looming near, use this thesis statement generator. It’s free, intuitive, and quick.

What Is A Thesis Generator And How To Use It

Thesis statement builder is an online tool for students that automatically generates theses for all types of academic papers. We’ll guide you through the process of designing a thesis statement, and you’ll see how easy it is:
  • Fill in the topic of your paper.
  • Specify the main idea of your essay. Be concise and specific.
  • Identify your stance on the problem.
  • Provide several arguments to support your claim.
  • Add an opposing view of the problem to make your paper more credible.
  • Press the button to generate a thesis statement.
  • Tweak it until you are satisfied and add it to your paper’s introduction.

Reliable Thesis Statement Help From SpeedyPaper

Why should you use our thesis generator if similar tools never produce usable results? The main advantage of our online tool is the quick result you can implement immediately. You don’t have to waste hours and days agonizing over the best way to word the most important sentence of the paper. Instead, you can just input the required information and receive immediate results.
You don’t have to paste the thesis the generator produces straight into your essay. If you feel it can be better, edit and polish it further using the builder until you are 100% satisfied. It never hurts to try. Test the thesis generator now to complete the paper quickly and get a good grade with minimum effort.