Global plagiarism: basic concepts, features, risks, and tips to avoid it

Global plagiarism: top tips to avoid it

Every learner wants to get the highest grade for an assignment. However, unoriginal content remains one of the most common issues that leads to a significant decrease in a student’s academic performance. So, what is global plagiarism? Are there any win-win ways to avoid this problem? Let’s explore the core concepts of global plagiarism and the most effective solutions for making your paper have crystal clear originality. 

What is global plagiarism?

First, you need to know that various types of plagiarism are usually detected in students’ papers. However, a particular type of unoriginal content can be easily identified. If you search for a global plagiarism definition, you will discover that it is the most common shortcoming of academic assignments. 

So, what is it all about? Well, you plagiarize when you just copy and paste someone’s ideas into your papers without the correct citation. For example, let’s imagine you are writing a paper about the impact of artificial intelligence on education. You suddenly find a nice and fresh article on this topic. After that, you replicate it and add it to your writing. This is global plagiarism. 

It is important to note that universities and colleges are aware of this issue. You can hardly find a professor who doesn’t check all the students’ papers for originality before grading them. What is more, unoriginal writing is considered a serious wrongdoing that might negatively impact your learning process and career. Here is a list of consequences you may face if your professors or mentors detect global plagiarism in your writing: 
  1. Academic issues:
    - Failing grade for your assignment.
    - Failing the course.
    - Academic probation.
    - Expulsion from the academic institution.

  2. Loss of reputation:
    - Reputation damage.
    - Loss of trust from peers and instructors.
    - Difficulty in obtaining recommendations for further studies or employment.

  3. Legal consequences:
    - In extreme cases or instances of copyright infringement, the original author or copyright holder may pursue legal action.
    - Fines or other legal penalties.

  4. Educational interventions:
    - Mandatory completion of an academic integrity course or workshop.
    - The necessity to redo the assignment with proper citations and original work.

  5. Professional ramifications:
    - Difficulty in gaining admission to your further education programs.
    - Impediments in securing employment, especially in fields where ethical conduct and honesty are highly valued.
    Potential damage to future career prospects.

So, how to avoid global plagiarism? Before we learn the most effective rules for composing truly unique papers, it’s essential to know more about the forms of plagiarism.

Global plagiarism: forms

How can you always compose original academic assignments? What is global plagiarism? To get the answers, make sure you understand its common types. 

  • Direct copying: This involves directly lifting entire passages, sentences, or ideas from a source without any attribution or acknowledgment.
  • Paraphrasing without attribution: Rewriting someone else's work in your own words without giving credit to the original source. Even if the words are different, the ideas are not your own.
  • Submitting someone else's work as your own: Presenting an entire piece of work created by someone else, such as an essay or report, as if you wrote it yourself.
  • Translation without attribution: Translating a piece of work from one language to another without crediting the original author.

Global plagiarism is defined as using someone else's work as if it were your own without giving proper acknowledgment.

How to avoid global plagiarism?

Passing an unoriginal paper is a nightmare for many students. Therefore, most learners constantly try to answer one crucial question: “How to avoid global plagiarism?” The good news is that it is easier than you might think. Just follow all the writing rules mentioned below when completing your next assignment. 

Have a clear vision of global plagiarism

Many of you will find this tip obvious. However, many students still believe that originality is not the most critical feature of their papers. Still, we don’t want you to be among those unfortunate ones. A deep understanding of how to distinguish unique writing from an unoriginal one is a must. 

Take more notes 

One feature of global plagiarism is composing a paper without proper citations. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem if you make detailed notes when doing the research. Always highlight all the quotes and citations regardless of whether you plan to add them to your paper (you might change your mind in the process of writing and just forget about referencing!).

Your notes will allow you to track all the sources, sentences, and paragraphs you use for your assignment. Moreover, it will help you avoid the situation when you unintentionally repeat someone else’s words.

Focus on originality

Every student needs to know a golden rule: Writing original material completely protects you from global plagiarism. Always try to do your best to create genuinely original writing. Don’t copy any information from other texts, web pages, or sources without using quotation marks. Remember that not only text but graphics, images, and tables can also become subjects of global plagiarism. 

Use citation

Failure to cite original work is considered plagiarism. As a learner, it is crucial to properly cite sources when using the ideas or concepts of others in your academic assignment. This is one of the keys to creating a successful paper. 

Do not copy-paste

Copying and pasting information to your paper is a direct way to face global plagiarism. In all academic assignments, you need to show off your own ideas, research results, and conclusions. Therefore, always use proper citations if you decide to represent any information as it is. 

Use paraphrasing services 

Global plagiarism can often be avoided if you use paraphrasing services. Many popular tools are available online, and artificial intelligence platforms can be used to cope with this task. However, use this method carefully since paraphrasing concepts can also be detected as plagiarism. 

Check the originality of your work

Dozens of apps and utilities can check your paper for plagiarism. What is more, many global plagiarism checkers do not have any word limits. To summarize, you can check your writing regardless of its volume as many times as you need. These tools provide you with a complete report of plagiarism sources to quickly improve your paper.

Proven way to avoid global plagiarism

Global plagiarism is a severe issue. Consequently, all students try to avoid it at all costs. But what if you are not that experienced in writing? “Who can write my paper?” you may think. Searching for the answer to this question may cause many sleepless nights. 

Fortunately, you can start using a professional writing service and buy research paper anytime. Expert writers will help you forget about all global plagiarism issues and impress your professor with a fresh, unique, and perfectly written academic assignment. Moreover, you can meet even the most urgent deadlines and receive a paper crafted according to your individual requirements. No more anxiety and study stress! 


What is global plagiarism? It is claiming the phrases, concepts, and examples of other writers as your own by copying and pasting them into your paper. How to avoid global plagiarism? You need to use proper citations, do the research carefully, analyze all the data, and come up with exclusive ideas. Another good way to receive an original and perfectly written paper is to get it done by professional academic writers available online.

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