History dissertation topics: the best sample ideas for a flawless result

History dissertation topics: 120 relevant and appealing ideas for students

Writing a history dissertation is a challenging and exciting project in your academic career. For a lot of students, it is a real highlight of studying, as it emphasizes your competence and expertise in a specific area. The whole process of dissertation writing takes a lot of time, effort, and discipline, as it consists of numerous stages learners have to deal with. 

Choosing history dissertation topic is the initial undertaking that predetermines the quality of the whole content, its relevance, and credibility. Although there is a plethora of dissertation topics history, it is still complicated to detect a good one, which will be interesting for you to explore, and an audience to comprehend. 

Are you tired of desperately searching for history dissertation ideas? Fortunately, there is a solution. Reading sample dissertation history topics can help you stay inspired. The choice will still be tough, but the struggle will be real. Do not rush to make the final decision, but analyze the field first. Check out the history dissertation ideas offered by experienced students, and make notes. Analyze the preferred subject matters and enhance your chances of singling out good dissertation topics.

Choosing history dissertation topic: tips and tricks

History dissertation topics differ a lot, which makes the choice even more complicated. What is the best subject matter to discuss in a history dissertation? What aspects and periods of time should be taken into account for the winning results? Are there any restrictions and risks to consider while selecting the topic? What are the characteristics of decent history dissertation topics? These are some of the most common questions students should answer before they make the final choice and start working on the paper content. 

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Profound research, analysis of the field, and the search for inspiration are indispensable parts of the history dissertation prewriting stage. Do not rush to opt for the topic of your paper, but rather make an effort to analyze the available topics and come up with a narrow, specific, and appealing theme.

Do you want to know how to choose a dissertation topic that will draw you closer to the desired results? Before you examine the best ideas, you should get prepared. Follow a few simple tips that will keep you guided and will help to achieve the desired results. 

  • Choose the field of study you want to analyze. Before you start scanning the available history dissertation topics, you need to get settled with the specific field to deal with. It is fundamental for students to know and understand what they are writing about. Your previous experience and understanding of the topic are critical for the successful completion of the assignment. 
  • Make sure the dissertation topic is interesting for you. Although some history dissertation ideas may be exceptionally effective and appealing, they will be of no use if you are not interested. At this point, it is critical to balance your personal interests with the scientific prominence of the theme so that it sounds relevant, meaningful, and thought-provoking. 
  • Double-check if the topic is narrow and specific. Broad and widely discussed topics are nothing but a waste of time. Make the maximum effort to stay specific and original as you think about the history dissertation. Keep in mind that even trivial concepts can be reevaluated and viewed from different perspectives. 
  • Do research. Profound analysis of the area helps to estimate the relevance and feasibility of the selected theme. Search for credible data sources and take notes before choosing history dissertation topic to work on. Reading and analyzing multiple sample papers will also be a great idea. 
  • Ask for help. When the variety of dissertation topics history seems overwhelming, you should consider asking experts for help. There are two options here. First, you can contact your dissertation advisor to get advice on the topic of your project. Second, you can request professional assistance from one of the most reliable and reputable online dissertation writing platforms. Such services provide learners with the most diverse types of academic assistance. Thus, regardless of the complexity level, topic, area, and other peculiarities of your dissertation, an expert writer will deliver a profound and consistent text. 

Following the guidelines, choosing the history dissertation topic is much easier and faster. Check out sample ideas, analyze the field, search for credible data sources, and get qualified assistance to get the top-quality paper worth the highest grade.

A list of history dissertation topics

According to the information offered by Yale University, the number of history dissertation topics is immense. There are lots of historic events, time periods, and other aspects students can discuss in order to make their scholarly paper relevant. Still, there is a plethora of learners who struggle to make the final choice and single out the theme that is the most appealing and interesting for both the writer and the readers. 

What do the best history dissertation topics look like? It is concise, scientifically based, relevant, meaningful, and influential. How is it possible to come up with such a title if you have little to no experience working on similar assignments? Analyzing sample dissertation topics is the best way to do this. Browse the web for ideas and inspiration. Follow the examples to find your way to success. Keep in mind that a dissertation should be formal, concise, and scientific, so the topic should be corresponding. 

Does the assignment still seem challenging and overwhelming? Here are lots of topics that will guide you and will allow you to select the most influential subject matter for your history dissertation. Also, make sure to check our top dissertation topics in education!

Ancient history dissertation topics

  1. Philosophy in ancient Greece: the most prominent features
  2. Inca Empire and peculiarities of the great civilization
  3. Egyptian and Babylonian Empires: their rise and fall
  4. The period of Buddhism and the most prominent figures of the time
  5. Mesopotamian civilization and its impact on the later development of the world
  6. Burial rituals in ancient Greece and Egypt compared
  7. Mahajanapadas: ways to understand it
  8. Early Iron Age and key achievements of the time
  9. Ancient science and technology and its contribution to the up-to-date world
  10. Ancient Arab and the impact of Mongol invasion on it
  11. Discovering ancient civilizations: the Maya Empire
  12. Classical antiquity and ancient history compared: key discrepancies to consider

American history dissertation topics

  1. American independence: challenges and advantages 
  2. The constitution of the US: its drafting and modification
  3. Great Depression and its impact on the American economy and society
  4. Historical events in America and its different periods
  5. Great Depression and American women in the workforce
  6. The civil war in America: main causes and problems behind it
  7. Pearl Harbor: foreign policy and reasons for the attack
  8. The way India influenced the future of America
  9. World War II and the Great Depression
  10. Settlers and Native Americans: relationships between them
  11. A comprehensive history of Hollywood
  12. Women in colonial America: their role and influence

European history dissertation topics

  1. The most common socio-political aspects of wars
  2. Gender roles and feminism: the history behind the phenomenon 
  3. Socio-economic effects of the Industrial Revolution
  4. Confliction of Balkan Wars
  5. Balance of power, diplomacy, and stability in Europe
  6. Enlightenment of women's rights
  7. Renaissance: intellectual, cultural, and artistic transformation
  8. The prominence of global encounters and colonization 
  9. Age of Discovery in Europe
  10. The Holocaust: the product of modernity or failure? 
  11. French revolution and its cause
  12. Balkan War: imperialism, nationalism, and confliction during the time

African history dissertation topics 

  1. Negritude: definition and key characteristics
  2. Historical importance of Great Zimbabwe
  3. Ancient civilization and modern challenges: discrepancies to consider
  4. Abolitionist movements: historical aspects
  5. Slavery, colonialism, and Christianity combined
  6. Ancient societies in Africa and Mesopotamia
  7. Literary movements in Africa: the most prominent features 
  8. South Africa and political violence in 1985-1989 years
  9. Transatlantic slave trade and African role in it
  10. Great Zimbabwe and its political organizations
  11. The Kongo people and the cult of the dead
  12. Nile river and its historical significance

Modern history dissertation topics

  1. American-Chinese relations: modern look 
  2. Technology and politics in modern history 
  3. Historic influence of Abraham Lincoln
  4. Patriarchy and feminism: the way the impact of the two has been changing
  5. The world of imperialization and industrialization
  6. Foreign policy of the USA
  7. Progressive Era and 20th century
  8. Colonization of America and its outcomes
  9. Role of women in history 
  10. Iranian culture: its development from the Middle Ages up to these days
  11. Enlightenment in society: the world history and most significant impacts on global culture
  12. Prominent features that influence the modern history

Medieval history dissertation topics

  1. Muslims and Jews in medieval times
  2. 12th century Renaissance: reaction of Franciscans
  3. The role of church in the medieval history
  4. Renaissance: its economic, political, and cultural influence
  5. Advantages of the Dark ages for European history 
  6. First crusade in 1095-1099: reasons and outcomes 
  7. Key reasons for Crusade’s failure
  8. Business and empire: British image of the orderly world
  9. Manorialism and feudalism in the middle ages
  10. An overview of London in the Roman age
  11. The Black Death and the Catholic church
  12. Medieval period and its cultural exchange

History dissertation topics on the Cold War

  1. Culture, politics, and other peculiarities of the Cold War
  2. The challenges of the post-war period?
  3. The role of Japan after the end of the Cold War
  4. Environmental achieves of the Cold War analyzed
  5. The US and the USSR showdown 
  6. The significance of Berlin and its decisions in the Cold War
  7. The end of the Cold War: soft or hard power? 
  8. Soviets losing the Cold War: key reasons and outcomes
  9. The aspects that influenced the end of the Cold War
  10. A Cold War pursuit: refugees all over the world
  11. The propaganda of the Cold War and its impact on film industry
  12. Cold War and its impact on transatlantic relations in 1945-1970

Interesting history dissertation topics

  1. Pharaohs and archeological discoveries 
  2. The silk route and its importance for trade and cultural exchange​
  3. The cultural and economic importance of trade routes for tea
  4. The historical relevance of Pharaohs
  5. The history of perfume: the link between luxury and scent 
  6. The contribution of media during the outbreak of COVID-19
  7. History of knights and their lives
  8. Psychological and social impacts of lockdown 
  9. Lost city in Atlantis and the mystery behind it
  10. The multifaceted historians and the impact they made on history
  11. Evolution of fashion from ancient times to the 21st century

History dissertation topics for college students

  1. The history of science of the contribution women made
  2. Feudalism development: stages and main concerns 
  3. Cuban missile crisis: the outcomes of the dangerous confrontation
  4. Sustainable development and cultural heritage
  5. Mental health and psychology: the historical analysis 
  6. Sustainable future and green technologies 
  7. The way industrial revolution changed society and its attitude toward work
  8. The Black Death and its impact on society 
  9. Technological advancement as a result of the Cold War Rivalry
  10. The fundamental literary movements and people who influenced them
  11. Second World War: causes and consequences
  12. Soft power and critical political peculiarities

The most influential historical figures

  1. Governance of Agrippa and its outcomes
  2. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci: a well-known Italia polymath
  3. Alexander The Great and his legacy
  4. Charlemagne: the kings of the Franks
  5. Julius Caesar and the First Triumvirate
  6. Martin Luther, at the time of racial conflict 
  7. Frederick Barbarossa: king of Germany 
  8. Karl Marx: a prominent political theorist, sociologist, economist, and philosopher 
  9. Prophet Muhammad: the messenger of God 
  10. Robert the Bruce and his role in the First War of Scottish independence
  11. Gautama Buddha and his sayings 
  12. Marco Polo and an imprint of the merchant, writer, and explorer

History dissertations written by professionals: how to get the necessary assistance

Are you excited and overwhelmed with the history dissertation ideas? Are you ready to test your knowledge in the area and writing skills to create the most influential and appealing paper? Regardless of the extensive databases of sample history dissertation topics available online, lots of students still struggle to opt for the winning one. Does it mean such learners are destined to fail? Absolutely not, as there is always a solution. 

Surfing the web, students will come across an array of top-quality, professional, and reputable online custom writing platforms that will provide you with the most competent paper writer to help you out. No matter if you struggle with the topic for your history dissertation, or you find it challenging to create an introductory part, or you have no idea how to make the paper comply with formatting requirements, experts will find the best solution for you. 

How do you choose the expert dissertation writing service? Due to the growing demand among college students, the number of custom writing platforms is continuously growing. While some services do deliver the desired papers, others just take money and give no help. Thus, it is indispensable to be cautious and attentive to reviews and customer feedback about particular companies. What are the most prominent features of a dependable and trustworthy service when ordering your history dissertation? 

  • Reputable. Online ratings and reviews of other students matter. These are the factors that should be taken into account as you compare diverse essay writing platforms. If you have zero experience choosing such platforms, start with the ones that are appreciated by other users. It will increase your chances of getting a high-quality history dissertation delivered within the deadline and with no risks.
  • Transparent. Is there a service that seems appealing to you? Take your time to browse its website and read detailed information about its policies. Is there an online price calculator? Are the support agents helpful? Are there any details about the privacy policy, revisions, and money-back guarantee? Does the service guarantee the protection of your personal data? These are some fundamental elements to consider before choosing the necessary platform.
  • Customer-oriented. Does the website look user-friendly? Is there a 24/7 customer support team? Check out similar factors that can prove that the company cares about the students' success. 
  • Safe. Do not entrust your academic success to the companies that can hardly guarantee the protection of your vulnerable information. Instead, opt for the platforms that offer SSL encryption and other ways to keep the data safely stored and never passed to the third party. 
  • Affordable. Reasonable and competitive prices are a must. Do not be tempted by low costs, as they are usually the signs of poor-quality services. 


Following the guidelines and recommendations, choosing the most relevant history dissertation topics seems much easier. Make sure the subject matter you are interested in is up-to-date, meaningful, and influential. The scholarly significance of selected themes is also critical. Consequently, it is fundamental to balance personal interest with the academic value of the topic. 

The variety of history dissertation ideas offered online will keep you inspired and will guide you to the right choice. Surf the databases of the most impressive and appealing themes so that you can focus on a particular area you are to research, analyze, and discuss.

Finally, if discovering the best history dissertation topics is still overwhelming, ask for help. Entrust your academic success to professionals who will help you cope with all the stages of work on your project. Top-quality content, profound research, flawless structure, unique ideas, the assistance of customer support, and a plethora of other advantages await you.

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