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How to cite a press release: format & examples

When you decide to cite a press release, you should demonstrate your accuracy and respect for the sources. The details are essential, so indicate the author, a corporation, or an organization. Then, give the date of publication. Indicate where you got it from (website, encyclopedia, etc). Lastly, provide the website address if you retrieved it from the web.

In the APA style, you format it like this:

  • Author. (Year, Month Day). Title of press release. Website Name. URL

Here is how a typical citation would look on the APA reference page:

  • National Space Foundation. (2022, April 8). Discovery in quantum space. National Space Foundation News.

Use a simplified version for an In-text citation:

  • (National Space Foundation, 2022)

So, here is hoy you can cite a press release. APA citations are clear and concise, which makes your work look professional and reliable. But you can always ask for math homework help or citation assistance!

How to cite a press release in APA for your in-text citations

Do you want to cite a press release in APA style? If the answer is positive, it is important to be concise but informative. The author and the year of publication should always be included. If the author is a corporate entity or organization, use its name. Check these three examples:

Paraphrasing the content:

  • (American Heart Association, 2022). It gives a nod to the source without interrupting the flow of your writing.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Always read your press release carefully to understand its key points to ensure that the essence of the source is not lost.

Here is what our writing assignment service can help you with. When quoting directly, add a page or paragraph number:

  • (American Heart Association, 2022, p. 3). It points your reader to the exact location of the quoted material.

Multiple citations in one year:

If you're citing multiple press releases from the same author in the same year, distinguish them with letters:

  • (American Sports Community, 2023a) for the first citation and (American Sports Community, 2023b) for the second.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Maintain a list of all sources (updates) that you use. This strategy will make it easy to label multiple press releases from the same author in the same year with the right alphabetical tags.

Use these samples when you decide to cite a press release! They can help you avoid common mistakes. Besides, we know how to do homework fast and how to cite courses correctly, so reach us, if needed.

Citing a press release like a pro

Polishing your citing skills enhances the credibility of your academic work. Remember to follow the APA guidelines closely for accuracy. If you ever need more guidance or assistance with academic writing, don't hesitate to contact Speedy Paper. Our paper help team is always ready to assist.

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