Meet&Greet. Christy Wesley

Christy Wesley: top academic writer you should know about

Third time’s the charm.

If you’ve missed our two previous posts, you are in for a treat. If you haven’t, you already know the drill. Today we’ll introduce you to one of our star writers, a bold and passionate Law major with strong views and stronger work ethics by the name of Christy Wesley. So, if you are currently looking for a quick essay writer to help you thrive with a time-consuming academic assignment, you are fortunate to be in the right place and at the right time. 

Who is Christy Wesley?

Christy is one of our youngest and most talented writers. She is employed by our quick essay writing service for a reason. She has strong opinions on most subjects, and she is not afraid to voice them. She loves getting into arguments and convincing everyone to join her side. It’s a Law major thing. After all, her stints at Northwestern University left her with an LLM degree in Law and Business Business along with a BA in Political Science. 

If you think Christy knows law only in theory, think again. She did her time as an attorney in two Chicago law firms. She loved the pressure of a court hearing and the research that went into preparing the case. However, Christy suffered from the dull parts in between the excitement. She left her nine-to-five job in 2014 and never looked back. Ever since then, she has been a freelance writer and academic advisor, helping students like you get through college and Law School.

Don’t get into a political debate with Christy if you know what’s good for you. She will always win and make you feel like a sore loser every time. We’ve learned this the hard way.

Christy talks. Our 3 favorite quotes

On writing

It’s like meditation, only better. I got into freewriting and morning pages through Julia Cameron, and it was an eye-opener. I love a good brain-dump session. By the end, my head feels two pounds lighter. I do this with assignments too. Get everything on paper first, then edit ad nauseam until it looks presentable. The edits usually take longer than the writing itself, but I go through every piece at least three or four times. This works for me, and I don’t hear the customers complain, so it’s a win-win!

On being a freelancer

Do you really expect me to promote this job and create more competition for myself? I love being my own woman and not answering to anyone. It’s tough at times, especially during the low season when orders are few and far between. It’s not for everyone. I have to think six to twelve months ahead to stay on top of my budget. I love it, but I know people who couldn’t handle the lack of stability and went back to their day jobs. To each their own.

On clients

It’s a frenemy sort of relationship. I love the generous people who pay for my food and rent, but sometimes they can be so infuriating I just want to reach through the screen and shake them until the information I need falls out of their brains. Why is it so hard to explain what they need? I’m not a mind-reader. I need actual words on the screen to tell me what to do.

For more gems by Christy, follow for on Facebook, but tread lightly. You never know where you might stumble upon one of her epic rants.

Is Christy your best writer?

Considering Christy’s credentials, she is the obvious choice for all assignments on History, Law, Political Science, and more. She is especially good with compelling pieces and argumentative writing. Essays are her favorite type of assignment. She loves searching for the most convincing points and condensing the ten-page-long argument into the word count limits. 

If you are still wondering whether Christy can handle your assignment, rest assured she is a master of writing

  1. Applications, scholarship and admission essays
  2. Argumentative and persuasive essays
  3. Case studies and reports
  4. Speeches and presentations
  5. Thesis statements and proposals
  6. Critical thinking assignments
  7. Resumes, CVs, or cover letters

You can also check out her professional LinkedIn profile for more info on her skills, endorsements, and experience.

10 Christy Wesley stats

By now, you know who Christy is and what she can do for you. We know the words aren’t always enough, so we’ve compiled her stats over the fours years Christy has been with us to help you make an educated decision. Some numbers are staggering, but you have to remember that Christy is a driven workaholic when she wants to be.

  1. Years of writing experience: 5+
  2. The number of completed orders: 411
  3. The number of words written: 1,550,000+
  4. Customer rating: 9.5/10
  5. The number of 10/10 reviews: 91%
  6. The shortest deadline: 12 hours
  7. The longest assignment: a 50-page report
  8. The percentage of on-time deliveries: 95%
  9. Typing speed: 55 words per minute
  10. The number of regular customers: 33

That’s Christy Wesley for you – opinionated, blunt, but talented and driven. She has been with Speedypaper for years, and we can’t imagine our writing team without her bold opinions, fast wit, and sarcastic remarks. She is a favorite among many of our customers, but she’s always happy to take on new projects, and yours can be among them!

Did you enjoy the peek behind the curtain? Did you get to know all three of our star writers? Who is your favorite among the three? Would you like to learn more about our writing team, their skills, experience, and workflow? Let us know, and we’ll get the next batch of posts ready for you ASAP.

For now, contact our support team for quick answers and don’t wait too long before placing an order. Our top writers are always in high demand. Get your order in today and be sure it’s in good hands!