100 Inspiring Nursing Research Topics to Kickstart Your Project

100 nursing research paper topics for any class

Overworked nursing students often need help with paper writing, and SpeedyPaper is here to provide it. This time, we've developed a comprehensive list of nursing research topics you can use to make this complex assignment a bit easier on yourself.

What is a nursing research paper?

A nursing research paper is a common nursing school assignment that requires an in-depth study of a specific topic. The standard research paper format calls for an introduction and literature review preceding the description of methodology and study results presentation and discussion, followed by a conclusion. Research papers may require hands-on research or be theoretical and literature-based.

How to choose a nursing research topic

If your professor does not specify a nursing research topic, you're free to pick any issue to study. But to stay on the safe side, your idea should be REM:

  • Relevant. Your assignment should fulfill prompt requirements and align with the class syllabus. Relevant topics are also modern, cutting-edge, based on the latest research and publications, not outdated protocols.
  • Exciting. If you're interested in the topic because of your career plans or personal experience, you'll be more motivated to write an excellent paper without putting it off indefinitely. Besides, your excitement will shine through your writing style and make a good impression on your professor.
  • Manageable. Consider your deadline and word count requirements before crafting the topic. Its scope should be narrow enough to fit the paper's length, and it shouldn't be too obscure to waste weeks of your time on useless search for data.
Balance these three requirements, and you'll have your perfect topic for nursing research.

Nursing research paper topics

There's no shortage of research topics in nursing, but picking one can be challenging, so we've devised 100 excellent ideas and split them into ten categories to help your search. You can use any of them in your assignments or let our fast term paper writing service come up with a unique idea tailored to your prompt.

Midwifery nursing research topics

Some believe childbirth is the most beautiful and miraculous thing in the world. And we've come up with ten nursing research topic ideas for students who mirror this belief and wish to devote their life and career to welcoming newborns:

  1. Improving midwifery standards and protocols
  2. Simulation-based training for midwives
  3. Developing a positive childbirth experience
  4. Addressing excessive pregnancy weight gain
  5. Preventative midwifery practices to improve childbirth outcomes
  6. The impact of midwifery experience on the mother's mental health
  7. Continued care for improved midwifery outcomes
  8. Educational midwifery programs for rural communities
  9. Reducing the risks of adverse drug reactions during childbirth
  10. Midwifery practices for HIV-positive patients

Child nursing research topics

Working with children requires unique skills and mindset, whether you're dealing with cute babies or surly teenagers. You can better understand the challenges of child nursing care by tackling one of the research topics for nursing students we crafted for you:

  1. Assessing and managing pain in newborns
  2. The effectiveness of telehealth in pediatric treatment
  3. The social causes of adolescent eating disorders
  4. Nursing care of unaccompanied children in emergency rooms
  5. Non-pharmacological pain intervention through massage
  6. Discharge planning for pediatric wards
  7. The effects of child speech disorders on nursing outcomes
  8. Emergency pain management for pediatric patients
  9. Relationship between children's health and activity level
  10. Nursing interventions for children with ADHD

Adult nursing research topics

Chronic conditions and injuries are among the most common things bringing adults into healthcare facilities. The ten topics of nursing research papers below cover typical treatments and interventions of adult nursing:

  1. Non-pharmacological interventions for sleep disorders
  2. Nursing care plan for physical trauma recovery
  3. Improving healthcare outcomes for non-English-speaking patients
  4. Nursing care plan to reduce patient fall frequency
  5. Educating patients on lifestyle changes before discharge
  6. The effect of substance abuse history on treatment effectiveness
  7. Prioritizing care for adult patients with comorbidities
  8. Predictive analysis of potential conditions and disorders
  9. The prevalence of chronic conditions among adult patients
  10. Teaching patients self-management best practices

Mental health nursing research topics

The mental health epidemic seems to be gaining momentum, so nurses should be prepared to deal with psychological issues inside and outside the mental health wards. You can pick a suitable nursing research paper topic below to learn more about a specific issue or treatment:

  1. Nursing practices for early-onset dementia patients
  2. Emergency room protocols for self-harm patients
  3. Nursing care plan for high-risk suicidal patients
  4. The effects of aging on patients' mental health
  5. The effects of aromatherapy on depression and stress among patients
  6. Nursing assistance for patients with depression
  7. The impact of social media on teens' self-image
  8. Nursing care for PTSD in US Army veterans
  9. Anxiety disorder causes and nursing treatments
  10. Deciding factors for involving a psychiatrist in treatment

Women's health nursing research topics

Timely screening can be a matter of life and death for women with high ovarian and breast cancer risk, but these are not the only healthcare issues women struggle with. You can pick a nursing research topic from the list below to study the unique needs of female patients:

  1. Non-pharmaceutical fertility treatment plan
  2. Nursing care plan for female victims of domestic violence
  3. Value of communication in gynecological outcomes
  4. Mitigating the mental health risks of sexual abuse victims
  5. Educational programs for preventing STIs among adolescents
  6. Addressing fear of childbirth before pregnancy
  7. The impact of early breast cancer screening on treatment success
  8. Reducing the risk of osteoporosis among female patients
  9. Treatments for sleep disorders in women
  10. The impact of family planning classes for high schoolers

Elderly care nursing research topics

Quality healthcare resulted in a surge in the aged American population numbers, so geriatric and elderly care nursing research topics are now more relevant than ever. And we've come up with a few fresh ideas you could explore in your projects:

  1. Age-related hearing loss early treatment
  2. Geriatric patient discharge safety rules
  3. Addressing joint disorders among the elderly patients
  4. The common causes of malnutrition in elderly patients
  5. Technological advancements for palliative care
  6. Nursing approaches to reducing cardiovascular risk
  7. Recognizing suicide risks in elderly patients
  8. Mitigating the restless legs syndrome
  9. Nursing care plan for addressing diabetes in elderly patients
  10. Patient fall prevention through reducing nursing staff shortages

Emergency nursing research topics

The emergency room is one of the most demanding and taxing nursing postings, but it can also be among the most rewarding. So if you are considering applying for a job in ER, researching one of the topic ideas below can give you a better understanding of what to expect:

  1. Increasing the speed of nursing assessment in emergency rooms
  2. Nursing protocols for handling violent patients in emergency rooms
  3. Reducing patient wait time in emergency rooms
  4. The effect of substance abuse on emergency care effectiveness
  5. Improving the efficiency of emergency care for pregnant women
  6. Lowering stress levels of emergency room nursing staff
  7. Analyzing common pediatric emergency cases
  8. Rapid pain management practices for emergency cases
  9. Mitigating risks for nurses in emergency rooms
  10. Prioritizing treatment for emergency room patients with comorbidities

Interesting nursing research topics

Some nursing research questions are so old and tired that you can't be bothered to lift a finger to deal with them. So if you're looking for something more exciting and relevant, we've got a few ideas for you:

  1. The impact of patient surveillance technology on nursing outcomes
  2. Developing personal relationships between nurses and patients
  3. Prioritization in treating patients with head trauma
  4. Sensitivity training for emergency room nurses
  5. Improved healthcare outcomes using digital nursing tools
  6. Necessary nursing care policy changes
  7. The value of interdisciplinary training for nurses
  8. Psychological nursing support for high school and college students
  9. Increasing nursing staff diversity to improve healthcare quality
  10. Nursing coaching programs for elderly patients

Quantitative nursing research topics

If you're tasked with a quantitative nursing research paper, making general assessments won't be enough. You'll need to aggregate and analyze data to produce nursing insights. And some of the topics on our list can make this endeavor worthwhile:

  1. Evaluating the effects of physical activity on patient outcomes
  2. Analyzing the adolescent pregnancy statistics
  3. The growing number of nurse prescriptions
  4. Increase in nurse burnout post-Covid-19
  5. Nursing school and practical nursing outcomes comparison
  6. Analyzing the effectiveness of disaster nursing outcomes
  7. The number of nursing house calls among pregnant women
  8. Effectiveness of early screening in preventing stroke
  9. Evaluating telehealth nursing outcomes
  10. Historical healthcare trends analysis

Obstetrics nursing research topics

If you're planning to join an OB/GYN practice or ward, consider our hand-picked topic ideas below, as they may fit your career plans:

  1. The risks of epidural anesthesia for newborns and mothers
  2. The impact of obesity on pregnancy risks
  3. Newborn resuscitation training for parents
  4. Lifestyle choices incompatible with a healthy pregnancy
  5. The impact of premature birth on newborn's development
  6. Educational programs for future and new mothers
  7. Ethical and medical dilemmas of abortion procedures
  8. The common causes of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy
  9. The effect of delivery with a partner on a mother's mental health
  10. Diabetes-related risks during pregnancy


So now you know where to find great ideas for your nursing research, but there's more where that came from. Our blog has lots of excellent topic collections, including research paper topics for criminal justice and dozens of other classes. And with this first prewriting step out of the way, you can deal with the assignment on your own or let SpeedyPaper, the best nursing paper writing service, to take over for you.