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Dorm Survival 101: Talk, Stock up, and Get out
Dorm issues: useful tips to improve your life quality

Are you scared out of your mind just thinking about dorms? Let us help you get through this with college dorm survival basics every freshman needs! ...

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Can You Work Through College and Stay Sane?
How to balance work and college: useful tips for everyone

Earning while learning has become a new normal. Learn how to beat exhaustion, loneliness, and anxiety and succeed in school and at work. Earning while learning is the new normal....

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3 NEW Ways to Get a Job Before Graduation
How do you get a job before graduation?

Why should you waste college years taking calls or waiting tables? Check out our 3 brand-new ways to land your dream job before graduation! ...

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15 Hacks for Freshmen. Get Ready for College!
Useful life hacks for first-year college students

Let go of anxiety and fear and make most of your freshman year with our 15 actionable tips to get good grades, make friends, and succeed in and out of class....

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College Degree Never Pays off, or Does it?
Getting a college degree: is it worth it?

If you are looking for an excuse to get out of college, think again. Better pay, perks, and employment prospects beat the myths of successful dropouts every time. Numbers dont lie...

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How to Train Your Writer
How to test and train modern writers

Imagine a SEAL training obstacle course, multiply it by 10, and youll come close to the level of intensity our writer screening holds. Follow two top contenders in their fight for ...

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How I Lost 60 Pounds and Became a Straight-A Student with SpeedyPaper
SpeedyPaper assistance: a story of a straight-A student

Did you know one week free of fast food can save not only your figure, but your wallet, time, and grades as well? This is my story of how college made me fat and stressed, but Spee...

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Twelve College Essay Examples That Worked 2019
College essay examples: good samples to choose from

The best way to learn how to write a good essay for your college application is to read the examples of students who know how to do them correctly. The following examples provided ...

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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay. Best Topics for Cause and Effect Essay
How to write a cause and effect essay: guide, topics, and samples

Use our ultimate cause and effect essay writing guide to score the top grade. Writing tips, topic ideas, outline templates, and free essay samples included!...

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