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How To Talk To Your Professor And Why Bother?
Talking With a Professor: Reasons and Benefits

Still think of college professors as evil monsters out to get you? In reality, college instructors are ordinary people willing to help you, if only you take the time to get to know...

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Turn Your Writing Into A Picture-Perfect Formal Essay
Writing a formal essay: tips to craft a perfect paper

If you have been following our blog, you know a lot about different types of essays and how to write them. Did your professor mark down your essay for being informal? These tricks ...

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How to Craft an Evaluation Essay? | Fast Guide & Topics for Students
How to write an evaluation essay: detailed guide & topics

Surely you want to know how to write good evaluation essay. Here is a detailed writing guide and good evaluation essay topics for modern students | SpeedyPaper...

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How To Choose Winning Essay Topics Every Time
How to Choose an Essay Topic and Stand Out: Top Writing Secrets

Are you stuck on choosing the essay topic again? Learn how to do it right once and for all! For some students choosing an essay topic is a blessing, while for others its a curse. ...

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How To Write An Abstract. Learning By Example
How to Write an Abstract: Real Deal Tips for Students

Learn how to condense your research paper into a perfect abstract. Enjoy our useful advice and three bonus abstract samples. An abstract is a summary of an academic paper. ...

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10 Must-Have Essay Writing Skills
Top Essay Writing Skills You Need to Master

Level up your essay writing skills with our must-have checklist! You wont believe how much better your writing can be. Professors dont assign essays because they are sadists. ...

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Writing A Perfect Project Report On The First Try
How to write a project report like a pro

You have completed your project this term, but that wont mean anything unless you write a perfect report. If writing a project report gives you a headache, start small. Learn how ...

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Improving Essay Sentence Variety For Good Grades
Fixing Your Essay: Things All Students Should Know

Remember Groundhog Day? If your writing is choppy or monotone, improving sentence variety is a must. Learn our favorite tricks to liven up your essays!...

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College Application Essay Vs. High School Papers
Are Application Essays Trickier Than High School Papers?

College application is just another essay, right? Wrong! While a typical high school paper can get you a good grade, an exceptional application essay is your ticket to a bright fut...

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