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Watching GOT Pays Off! Fans Got 21% Discounts
Watching GOT pays off! Fans got 21% discounts
We are not sure, whether to congratulate you on the exciting season finale or commiserate about it ending so soon. Learn who won our 21% reusable year-long discount and additional prizes.

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6 Go-To Apps For Revision and Exam Prep
Apps for revision and exam prep

Forget post-it notes and paper flash cards! Check out our newest list of mobile apps for students. This time we offer six apps for revision and exam prep....

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Hook, Line, and Sinker. How to Start Your Essay on the Right Foot
How to start your essay on the right foot

Every essay needs a hook to grab attention and keep readers on their toes. Our guide will explain how to craft an outstanding hook for any type of paper....

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Narrative Essay Writing Guide and Samples
How to write a narrative essay: guide and samples

Your professor has finally given you an interesting assignment a narrative essay. Are you stuck on your narrative essay? Learn how to tell your story like a pro and get a well-dese...

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21% Off SpeedyPaper Orders for True Game of Thrones Fans
Game of thrones fan detected: the way to get 21% off your order

Do you love the Game of Thrones as much as we do? Show how much of the Game of Thrones fan you are and get up to 21% off your order from SpeedyPaper! Join our season 7 premiere dis...

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7 Tips to Gain Fluency in a New Language
From zero to hero: seven language-boosting tips

There are many benefits to multilingualism. Learning a new language is a long and painstaking process. Use these tips to make it a little easier on yourself....

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