How to choose a dissertation topic: tips and tricks for college students

How to choose a dissertation topic: effective tips and recommendations to follow

Academic writing has become an indispensable part of college study. However, hardly any student is ready to start working on a dissertation. How does this type of assignment differ from others? What are the peculiarities of the project? Before you analyze effective ways how to choose a dissertation topic and come up with a meaningful and influential paper, you should deal with its basics. 

A dissertation is an academic paper that is the highlight of your doctoral degree program. The goal of the writing is to emphasize your competence and knowledge indispensable for conducting research and presenting its results. The students are supposed to bring new information to light and address relevant problems in the particular field. 

While the assignment itself is quite daunting and demanding, the first step of work on it will take much of your time and effort. Choosing the best dissertation topic is a halfway to the desired success, as it sets the basis for the research, guarantees the relevance of the presented data, and proves your competence. 

What makes a good dissertation topic? How is it possible to opt for the winning one? What mistakes should be avoided? If you want to find the answers to these questions, just keep reading the article. Only the best recommendations, effective tips, and detailed guidelines on peculiarities of dissertation topics are presented to make your choice much simpler, better, and faster. 

What makes a good dissertation topic: definition and importance of choosing the right one

What is a dissertation? Before you immerse yourself into the writing process and choosing the best dissertation topic, you need to deal with the definition of the writing type and its most prominent features. According to the definition offered by University of York, a dissertation is a long-term project that is based on scientific research and in-depth data analysis. At this point, it is critical to mention that the types and some peculiarities of dissertations may vary, but the basics remain the same. 

Thus, when it comes to writing a dissertation, students should be ready for a long and tiresome assignment. And the choice of the dissertation topic is the first step on the way to success. The question is: how is it possible to single out the best topic for the research? 

Choosing a dissertation topic is not easy, but possible. First of all, you should understand what factors and features can make a dissertation topic good and relevant. New information that has not been introduced before, unique solutions to existing problems, filled knowledge gaps, and a plethora of other concepts will contribute to the academic value and prominence of the paper. Additionally, if you want to know how to choose a dissertation topic worth appreciation, you should focus on the one that fits with up-to-date trends in the field. Other characteristics of the influential differentiation topics include:

  • Scientific relevance
  • Feasibility
  • Availability of relevant information on the topic
  • The interest of the audience 

These are some of the most prominent features to be taken into account in order to make the dissertation topic choice much faster and more reasonable. 

Steps to choose a dissertation topic

Students who have little experience in academic writing or have never been interested in its peculiarities will have to make a little extra effort to single out the best dissertation topic. However, the process can be quite easy and fast, if you stick to the guidelines and recommendations.

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Reading a few dissertation samples and analyzing their topics can kickstart the process. It will add to your inspiration and will also contribute to your writing competence.

Review the field of study

Are you concerned on how to choose a dissertation topic? There is no way you succeed unless you spend some of your time analyzing the field, collecting critical data, and singling out the most important aspects. 

Consider the guidelines

Once you are a bit more aware of the area and its specifications, you need to revise the guidelines and requirements your professor offered. The choice of the dissertation topic will be much more guided. Additionally, this way, you will get more clarity about other peculiarities of the dissertation writing, including the structural components, word count, specifications of the fieldwork, and others. 

Identify your interests

The number of dissertation topics to focus on is diverse, but there are not many that can really help you succeed with the project. Once you are done with the preliminary research in the field, you should focus on your personal interest in the area. Single out the topics that seem appealing and relevant to you. 

Narrow down the topic

At this point, you are ready to make the final choice and review the last tips on how to pick a dissertation topic. After you acknowledge the background of the broader topic, you should research a bit more so that you can narrow down the subject and come up with a precise, relevant, and appealing topic. 

Get help

Some assignments seem too overwhelming and time-consuming. Does it mean students should continue struggling till the time they reach the desired result? Why don’t you just let the professionals pick the topic for your dissertation, or even write the whole piece? Currently, the online market is filled with tons of reputable and dependable custom essay creation platforms that guarantee flawless paper writing help. Analyze some of the most beneficial ones and get the project done with flying colors. 

How to choose a dissertation topic: tips and tricks

No matter if you prefer choosing the dissertation topic on your own, or getting qualified assistance from the reputable dissertation writing service, the understanding of the basic tips will never be extra. Check out some of the most beneficial recommendations that will draw you closer to the desired success and will make choosing a dissertation topic a no-brainer. 

  • Browse the web to find your inspiration. There are lots of dissertation topics available online. Some of them are more, others less effective, but that’s exactly what you need for the achievement of the desired result. Analyze the available ones and find the areas that seem the most appealing and relevant. 
  • Develop a topic that is interesting for you. If you are still unsure how to choose a dissertation topic, you should make an extensive list of the items that are appealing to you. It is the best start of the work that will keep you excited throughout the process. 
  • Read as much as you can find about the subject matter. The more information you get on the topic, the higher your chances to create an influential, consistent, and relevant text. 
  • Ask your fellow students for help. Once you make the final decision, ask your friends to review your dissertation topic and prove it is relevant and specific. 

Dissertation topic choice: common mistakes

Regardless of how many guidelines students have, there are a few mistakes most of them make while writing a dissertation. When it comes to the dissertation topic it should be concise, accurate, informative, and meaningful. Students, who struggle with the choice, can always request writing a dissertation by professionals. It will help you avoid the following mistakes. 

  • Lack of focus and clarity on the dissertation topic
  • Poor research that results in irrelevant discussions
  • Inconsistent writing style

Dissertation writing from scratch: professional help at a reasonable cost 

Picking the best dissertation topic is still a challenge for many students. While some of them keep struggling to achieve the desired results, others opt for the simpler and more effective solution. Surfing the web, learners can find an array of dependable, time-tested, and top-quality custom paper writing platforms that will not only help you select the dissertation topic, but will also assist in writing it. 

Hiring professionals, you can be 100% sure your dissertation proposal will be influential, the structure of the paper impeccable, and the formatting flawless. Anonymity of the experience, reasonable costs, 24/7 assistance of the support team, and multitude of other elements will make the experience beneficial. 

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper

Writing tip from SpeedyPaper:
Getting help with your challenging academic writing assignments is a common practice. Thus, students who struggle with choosing a topic for their dissertation should find a platform to rely on and get indispensable assistance. When ordering papers from reputable services, quality, safety, and dependability are guaranteed.


How do I know if my dissertation topic is too broad?

Choosing a dissertation topic students should remember a few important rules. First of all, this type of academic paper is supposed to help learners emphasize their competence and highlight knowledge. Consequently, it is indispensable to stay as specific as possible to show professionalism and a profound understanding of the analyzed area. 

Focus on a certain aspect you are interested in. Do preliminary research to make sure there is enough information to keep the paper theoretically grounded. Narrow down the theme to get a unique and narrow topic. 

How do I ensure my topic is original?

The unique and original topic of the dissertation is halfway to the success of the whole paper. Thus, it is indispensable to make sure the selected subject matter is not only interesting but authentic. To avoid potential risks of plagiarism of the dissertation topic, students have to take a little time and some effort to double-check it. Start by reading the selected idea or concept that seems to be a perfect topic for your dissertation. Do thorough research and cross-check references to make sure the theme has not been used before.

How do I balance my interests with practical considerations?

Selecting a dissertation topic may be a tedious undertaking, especially if you strive to detect a sweet spot between practical considerations and personal interests. Nonetheless, if you cope with the assignment, you will eventually succeed with the whole paper. How is it possible to get the desired result? First of all, you need to understand the basic features and characteristics of the dissertation. Then, you are ready to proceed to the analysis of the topics that seem appealing to you. Come up with a list of subject matters you are eager to discuss and make sure some of them also resonate with the academic audience.

How important is the relevance of my topic to current research?

The choice of the topic for dissertation is one of the basic and most important undertakings. In the overwhelming majority of instances, learners struggle to come up with an up-to-date, unique, and meaningful topic that is not only relevant but also appealing. Why is it important? A dissertation is an academic project that requires maximum accuracy and consistency at every single stage. Therefore, no matter if you select the topic, research the information, or work on the outline, you should realize that it may influence the paper's credibility. A properly selected subject matter will contribute to the validity and impact of the piece. 


Working on the dissertation topic can be a simple and fast experience or a devastating undertaking. Everything depends on your strategy and preferences. Follow the guidelines, mind the tips, and beware of typical mistakes to come up with the most influential and reasonable topic. 

Choose to entrust the selection of the education dissertation topic to professionals if you lack motivation, inspiration, skills, or desire to work on the project. The flawless completion of the assignment at a competitive cost and within a specified deadline is guaranteed. Irrespective of the decision you make, chances are your effort will be rewarded.

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