Free Essay Sample on Kali Linux Security Features

Published: 2017-11-06
Free Essay Sample on Kali Linux Security Features
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Kali Linux is devised for penetration testing and digital forensic. It is considered as one of the most used software that protects a company’s program from being hacked. Devon Kearns of the Offensive Security developed the software after several complaints from different companies regarding how hackers corrupt their systems. Kali Linux is generated using a reliable environment with only a small number of trusted people that are allowed to authorize packages, with each package being signed by the developer. Kali also has a custom-built kernel that is patched for injection. The purpose of this project is to persuade the executive management team of Information Assurance Research to encourage purchase of security testing software that can profit the company's corporate fabric security by testing and recognizing vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.

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Kali Linux Security

In the past decades, several companies have collapsed because of the hackers. Hackers can destroy a company in several ways. First, most of the information they steal from a certain company is usually considered private and confidential. In the event that such information is leaked to the public, it destroys the company's reputation. The trust of the customers is likely to vanish once such incident occurs. Second, some of the information stolen is used as a competitive advantage for the firm. Some of the hackers steal such information and sell them to their competitors. As such, it will destroy the competitiveness of the firm in the market segment, as their rivals will use it against them. In that light, it is essential for management Information Assurance Research to secure their program through purchasing Kali Linux (Allen, 2014).

It is indicated that most hackers use Kali Linux when trying to hack into a system. The reason as to why such people try to use Kali Linux in their malicious operation is to try to find some default in a particular system. As such, it will help them to know which are some of the places that they can use to hack the database. In that light, Information Assurance Research can benefit by purchasing this software as it will in checking up their system to establish if it is working as expected. The organization will also be able to identify certain defaults that hackers can use to log into their system (Allen, 2014). The company will be preventing such incident for happening since they will be able to act immediately before it can be hacked. Also, Kali Linux ensures that the system is under one router meaning that it can not be operated by two default user at the same time. One the management are given the permission as the main administrator; it will be their sole responsibility in managing the system.

Researchers have proved that most of the successful companies in the world are using Kali Linux to protect their programs from being hacked. A secure environment, allowing only one trusted member to commit packages develops the software. In addition, the developer signs each package (Allen, 2014). Hackers can steal information from a reliable source in several ways. The most used way in when a person working within an organization sell’s out some of the private and confidential information regarding that firm. It will be difficult for the management to pinpoint the culprit since most of the employees can have access to their database. However, when using Kali Link, the management of Information Assurance Research can employee one trusted person who will be accountable for operating the system. The management of the company should hold that one individual responsible in case any data is lost.

Benefits of Using Linux

One of the advantages of using Kali Linux is that shows the exact time a person logged into the system. As such, it will be advantageous for the organization since in case any data is missing, the system will indicate the last time it was accessed (Allen, 2014). Also, Kali Linux software’s can be installed with passwords that will prevent a foreigner from accessing the system. Another area that the company is likely to benefit from Kali Linux is that in case any of their information such as photos are deleted by mistake, the system has a forensic tool that helps in retrieval of such documents. In the past, the company is known to have lost several files and data through small mistakes. Kali Linux contains a package that acts as the backup system for all the information stored in the database.

Another benefit that the company is likely to benefits by purchasing Kali Linux is that it reinstall packages relevant for forensics. The packages can be used in the operation of a data warehouse for that organization (Allen, 2014). Also, it keeps the management informed about the bugs in these packages. The management of the organization will be notified of any data add or removed from their database. As such, it will be easy for them to notice any person trying to hack into their system. The software will also notify the management in case such incident occurs in that organization.

Kali Linux was original as a toolset for advanced penetration testing and finding vulnerabilities in the network system (Beggs, 2014). IT specialist has argued that there are millions of vulnerabilities in any network system which hackers can use it as a default. The only way of establishing such vulnerabilities is by using with Kali Linux. It has tools you will require for penetration testing.

Another advantage of the Kali Linux is that it is easy to use compared to other soft wares. It does not require the help of a specialist to read all the packages before installing them. This will be very suitable for this organization since any person can operate it. In most cases, when new equipment is introduced in an organization, the company will have to incur the further cost of training the employees on how to use it (Beggs, 2014). Also, the organization will only be required o train one individual who will be responsible for checking the software any time it breaks down.

Information Assurance Research is an operating system that provides all the steps that any hacker can use in hacking into the database. It indicates some of the weakness found in the system and how they can be repaired. Furthermore, it helps in strengthening the system by alarming the management on any event that there is a default in the network.

When using the internet, there are several files or documents, which are corrupted by viruses and can damage the organization computers. Some of the viruses are difficult to notice since they are designed by a specialist (Beggs, 2014) . The only way of preventing such viruses from destroying the organization files it through the use of Kali Linux. The software ware has certain tools that detect any foreign particles in the computer system. Furthermore, it highlights the user on how they can remove such viruses before it affects the computer system. Unlike Windows, Kali Linux does not affect by viruses or spyware, which slow down the computer performance (Beggs, 2014). In fact, the software is built with a system that ensures it can support its operations.

Linux Features

Administer privileges

Another advantage that the organization will benefit by purchasing Kali Linux is that files made can only be accessed by someone with administer privileges. This indicates that the files will be safer and secured since a third party will not be able to obtain them without the permission from the main administrator. In most cases, the administrator can be the manager of the organization. Anytime a person will want to access; the system will have to ask for permission from the management. As such, it will guarantee the safety of the database. In that light, even if a virus is found on a computer, it will not be able to run without permission from the administrator. This is one of the areas that helps in preventing hackers from getting into the system without permission since they will require permission from the administrator. Due to the nature of security audits, Kali Linux is designed to be used in a single router system.

Downloading files

With Kali Linux, the administrator can download and update several files from a central package management system. It will save the organization the time required to update several computers as all of them can be connected to the central system. It will be easier for the management operate all the organization computers from a single unit. This will indicate the type of work perform by the employees within a specific time. As such, it will increase efficiency for the organization since the employee will be aware that their work is being monitored.

The organization will also be able to disable network services by default by the help of system hooks. Such hooks allow the user to install various services on Kali Linux while ensuring the server remains secure by the default, no matter what packages are installed. The system will continue to operate the normal way while updating the system (Muniz, 2013). Unlike most of the operating system where an individual will have to shut down the system before securing it, Kali Linux allows the users to perform multiple functions while the system is still operating. Furthermore, it provides additional features such as Bluetooth as blacklisted by default. Such features help in making the system more entertaining when using. Kali Linux is architected to be highly customized depending on the system of the organization. As such, the management can add additional features that will be beneficial for that organization. The main aim is to make the system easy to use and enhance its flexibility.


In conclusion, Kali Linux is a software designed for forensic, penetration and security system. Many successful companies have benefited through purchasing this software as it has protected their system from being hacked. In addition, it also highlights some of the defaults found in the system that needs to be verified. Based on those arguments, Information Assurance Research is likely to benefit greatly by purchasing Kali Linux.


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