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Why do essays about technology never get old?

If you were to count the number of times you use technological marvels throughout the day, you’d lose count long before sundown. Everything from your smartphone’s alarm to a hot shower to a coffee maker and toaster oven is a product of technology. It’s an ever-evolving and expanding area of our lives, as scientific research and technological advances are ongoing.

However, nothing is without fault, and technological progress is no exception. There are many downsides to the constant use of tech on a global (think climate change and pollution) and personal scale (smartphone addiction and insomnia). Considering these controversial aspects, technology essays are more popular than ever among professors and students. It’s a topic that boasts endless potential as long as new tech advances are developed.

How to write technology essays

When you’ve settled on technology as the focus of your paper, the challenge begins. To make the task more manageable, split it into smaller chunks that you can complete in under an hour. Here is a list of tasks for you to tackle:

  1. Formulate the essay topic about technology. Use examples in our database for inspiration.
  2. Research the issue. Look for reliable, credible and recently published sources to cite in your essay.
  3. Take and organize notes. Start a file, fill it with interesting facts, figures, and ideas from your references, and try grouping them into several categories.
  4. Create an outline. Use your newfound technology knowledge and notes to draft a preliminary structure, dedicating each paragraph to one major point or idea and leaving the introduction and conclusion to make a lasting impression.
  5. Craft a thesis statement. It should read like your technology essay in a nutshell, highlighting the core idea and major points that support it.
  6. Write the essay. If you have trouble with an introduction when writing about technology, start with the body paragraphs, wrap them up with a solid conclusion and return to the first passage once you get an idea of how to grab the readers’ attention.
  7. Get your citations in order. Check to make sure you’ve cited every source and format the reference list according to style requirements.
  8. Edit, proofread and format the paper. Do not submit your short essay about technology until you go through it with a fine-toothed comb to eliminate redundancies, repetitions, and illogicalities. On your final read-through, try to catch all mistakes and typos. Finally, get the formatting right to make your paper look its best.

If you plan out the writing process and manage to beat procrastination to stick with your plans, your paper will be ready in time for the submission deadline. Just make sure you don’t get stuck at the preliminary research stage. It can be very tempting to draw out the search for references instead of taking on the fear of the blank page. Stay strong and set firm time limits for every stage of the writing process to keep on track.

What’s the effect of technology on our society?

It’s impossible to cover every way technology and science affect society and our everyday lives in a Ulysses-length book, never mind a short college essay. Instead of spreading your attention thin, narrow down your research topic to make your writing extra focused and powerful. Here are some ways technological effects you could explore in your assignment:

  1. The best and worst effects of gadgets and software on school experience.
  2. Medical technological advances that save millions of lives every day.
  3. The downsides of industrial automation and potential mass unemployment.
  4. The growing social inequality promoted by technological expenses.
  5. The technological advances that define our current quality of life most of all.
  6. The global impact of technological progress through pollution and climate change.
  7. Technology and devices inspired by works of science fiction.
  8. The impact of communication technology on privacy and human rights.
  9. The use of digital technologies by dictatorships and terrorist organizations.
  10. The long-term health implications of our daily use of digital technologies.

As you can see, technology affects every one of us on a personal level, but it has an even greater global impact. You can research either of these effects or compare and contrast them to create a more powerful piece.

How to use free essays about technology

Technology is such a broad field of study that finding the right topic for your assignment can be a pain. You can showcase technology-related issues in almost any class and paper type. To help you find your research question faster, we’ve collected a broad collection of technology essays. Skim the topics, browse the contents, make the most of the reference lists, and your paper will be halfway done in a blink of an eye.

And if you feel so overwhelmed by the latest advances in technology that you cannot complete your assignment before the deadline, let SpeedyPaper experts give you a hand. Our professional writers can research the topic, craft an outline, write, edit and proofread the essay in under 24 hours. So you can be sure you will turn in your paper on time.


What is technology?

Technology is the use of knowledge and skills to create value. It can also be defined as tools and machines that are used to solve problems.

Why is technology important?

Technology has become a major part of our everyday lives throughout the 20th century, and it is a driving force behind most advances. Without it, our lives would never be as safe and comfortable as they are now.

How does technology help us?

Technological advances have many benefits, from replacing human labor in dangerous conditions to prolonging lives through medical devices. Tech advances are used in every aspect of our everyday lives, from using electricity to brew coffee to driving to work or using computers in the office.

How does technology affect us?

The effects are legion. Automation leads to growing unemployment rates. Social media create trolls. Sedentary office jobs promote obesity. So technological optimism should be balanced with skepticism.

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