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World Lit and American Lit are probably among the top-10 classes across the US colleges. It seems like an easy credit and a foolproof way to boost your GPA. At first, you think that all you have to do is read a few books (or Sparknotes) and pass a few quizzes. And then literary essay writing becomes a thing. For some reason, college professors don’t think summarizing the plot is a good way to write a paper and want you to waste time looking for secondary sources or analyzing character motivations or literary devices used by the author. Some professors can even take points off your grade if you fail to connect the storyline and characters to the historical reality or significant personalities and events. In the end, what should have been an easy A turns into an endless series of torturous sessions of writing literary essays that fail to produce the grades you deserve. In the worst-case scenario, you waste all your time on the Lit class, and your other assignments fall by the wayside, making your GPA drop like a stone.

It’s a good thing SpeedyPaper is always ready to assist. Our database holds hundreds of free literature essay examples on topics ranging from Russian classics to American feminist authors. You can find creative writing assignments, fiction, poems, and character analysis, as well as writers’ biographies and reflective pieces. Of course, you don’t need to waste your time reading through our library. Instead, use a search bar or an index to find the literary essay topic you want to cover in your paper. From there, you have a few avenues to follow. The choice is yours, depending on the submission deadline, the professor’s requirements, and the grade you’d like to receive.

Let’s start with the cheapest option that works if you have mere hours before the deadline. In this case, download the literary essay example that suits your needs and paraphrase it. Keep an eye out for mistakes, as most entries in our collection are student submissions. You want to keep the core ideas, quotes, and citations, but rework the rest of the paper to make it your own. Mashing two or three samples together can also help boost the quality of your writing. Still, the paraphrasing route is just a stop-gap to prevent you from failing the assignment. It won’t bring your praise or high grades. And don’t try submitting the unaltered literary essay you download here. A cursory plagiarism check will lead your professor right to our doorstep, and that’s a situation you want to avoid.

The next approach is equally free but much more time-consuming. You can use our literature essay examples and make them a template or a source of inspiration. You can borrow anything from the topic to the core points. You can also steal a hook and a thesis statement for your introduction, as well as the quotes from the piece you’re writing about. The reference section is always a good source of additional information. The more essay literature examples you use, the better your paper will be. But don’t let this research stage drag on too long, or it will become an excuse for procrastination instead of a study aid. If you play your cards right, you’ll get a good grade, but you’ll have to work for it.

Finally, if you are out of time for Literature essay writing but need a high grade to get the credit, professional writing help is the way to go. Tell us everything about your paper in the order form, and we’ll find the perfect expert to craft it for you. You won’t have to do anything, and the finished literary essay can be in your inbox within six hours. Give it a final read-through, add personal details to the title page, and submit it for grading. This way, you get maximum points for the paper and spend five minutes placing the order and five more reviewing it. Think of all that free time you will gain from letting SpeedyPaper take over writing the literature essay!

Ready to delegate your homework? The order form won’t take more than a few minutes, and you’ll be free. Have questions? Give us a call or drop a line in the live chat, and we’ll tell you everything you want to know about Literature essays and how we write them. Our team is online 24/7, so get in touch!


Where can I get free essays?

You are already in the right place. Speedy Paper has compiled a huge library of the brightest examples of essay and other paper types to facilitate your writing. To make the navigation process easier for you, we have broken down the paper samples into categories and disciplines. Once you open the category, you’ll see the paper sample list that contains links to the essay and additional information.

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Every paper sample you see in our database is free and you can use it without any restrictions. It means that once you open a free essay sample, you won’t be asked to register or pay for a full version of the paper.

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Most essay examples free were written by our experienced authors. However, there are essay options that were voluntarily submitted to our library by students.

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Check free essays from our database to get valuable information on the topic, take a look at the problem from another angle, learn new ways to express the same idea, get to know new words or phrases for delivering the message, and get inspiration from a neatly written essay that has already brought good results.

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Speedy Paper also delivers custom paper writing services, which include a wide range of academic papers like essays, term papers, dissertations, projects, case studies, research papers, and more.

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Speedy Paper essay sample database includes more than 7,000 papers. We constantly add new examples, so it grows every day. We have essays samples on almost any discipline and cover all essay types.

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