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The only thing standing on guard of our personal freedoms are civil rights established and upheld by the government through legislation and regulations. They protect us from persecution based on race, gender, religion, and other personal characteristics. Writing an essay on civil rights is a great way to learn more about the ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from social and political injustice. Still, the topic is so complex and controversial that making sense of all the intricacies without getting hopelessly lost may be challenging. If you feel overwhelmed, check out our civil rights essay examples. Every sample in our collection is free, so you can browse and download it at your leisure.

Skimming the titles may be enough to choose a perfect match for your assignment among dozens of civil rights essay topics. And once you settle on an issue to study, feel free to plunder the examples for relevant references, good hooks, thesis statements, topic sentences, quotes, and transitions.

At the same time, we urge you not to submit any of the civil rights essay papers you download under your name. It’s bound to raise red flags once your professors run a plagiarism check. So instead, consider a thorough rewrite of the sample you like using our tips below.

The Easiest Way to Complete Your Civil Rights Movement Essay

Writing an essay on civil rights only seems impossible if you try to do it in one sitting. We recommend dividing the process into threes to make it a manageable and less intimidating task. 

First, divide the work on the civil rights essay into three stages: prewriting, writing, and post-writing. Each of these can also be divided into three. 

The prewriting step includes clarifying the requirements, researching the topic, and developing a civil rights essay outline. Consult the professor or TA to clear up requirements confusion, but use our collection to help with the rest. You can pick the topic among our samples and use the reference section to find good sources to read and take notes on. The same essay on civil rights will help you develop an outline. The thesis statement, topic sentences of the body passages and conclusion should give you enough headstart to devise a rough plan for your paper.

The writing stage includes a civil rights essay introduction, body, and conclusion. Starting from the beginning may be challenging, so you can go straight to the first body passage, as long as you have a thesis statement to guide your writing. Once the rest of the paper, including the civil rights essay conclusion, is ready, you can revisit the first paragraph.

Students often overlook the value of the post-writing routine, though it can drastically improve the writing quality and earn extra points with the professor. It also comprises three steps: editing, proofreading, and formatting. This order is the most efficient, as you don’t have to repeat any steps. After you eliminate illogical conclusions, delete redundancies, and add smooth transitions, you should not mess with the contents of the essay on civil rights any further. Run it through a professional spellchecker (i.e., Grammarly) to eliminate typos and errors. And only once your text is perfect, focus on making it look pretty according to the professor’s preferred formatting and citation style. We recommend automatic citation generators to speed up the process. However, you should still review the final draft with a formatting guide handbook to ensure you’ve accounted for every tiny detail.

Of course, you can split each of the three prewriting, writing, and post-writing steps into smaller tasks that can be completed within 30 to 60 minutes. Establish a writing schedule, and stick to the plan. Unfortunately, this plan will only work if you start working on the essay about civil rights early. But if the deadline is two days away and your essay file remains blank, you need something better than a writing plan and a free sample collection. And that’s a professional writer on your side. Let us know the specifics of your assignment, and we’ll get our best expert on your case. They will follow your instructions to a T and deliver the essay right on time for the submission deadline.

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