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Is an Essay about Racism Still Relevant?

International laws and human rights claim that all people are equal. However, racial discrimination continues to be a global issue, though it’s particularly acute in the US. The abolition of slavery did nothing to remove prejudice, bias and a firm belief among certain groups of the superiority of the white race.

Current legislators are continuously taking steps to prevent racism across institutions, like schools, universities, the penal system, the government and private-owned businesses. However, there is no ready solution for preventing personal xenophobia. Instances of racial profiling, police brutality, and hate crime spark social unrest and cause nationwide movements that draw attention to racism for a time, though the attention slowly dies down until the next tragedy.

Racism is one of the most complex and challenging issues due to its many layers and long history. And that also makes racism a great essay topic for many classes, including History, Literature, Business, Law, Philosophy and more. With so much info, there are no limits to your research and inspiration.

The Facets of Systemic Racism in USA

Americans have been struggling with racism over the centuries, but it still permeates multiple aspects of our daily lives:

  • Cultural racism results in the lack of understanding and respect towards cultures outside America. And cultural appropriation of other ethnicities’ traditions, customs, and ways is considered the daily norm.
  • Institutional racism makes it harder for people of color to get jobs, avoid legal persecution, get into colleges and universities. Even getting a bank loan can be much more difficult for Black and Hispanic individuals and businesses.
  • Economic racism is most obvious when we compare the average income of families of different ethnicities. However, the root of the problem lies in the past, as generations were deprived of high-quality education and the ability to make enough money to support their families. Without outside support, this vicious cycle will continue in perpetuity.

Color blindness, othering, supremacism, segregation are all present nowadays to a different degree, and keeping silent is not an option if we want to live in a just and equal society. So, if you’re ready to take on the issue in your essay, let’s go through the steps that will make it get the attention this issue deserves.

How to Write an Essay about Racism

Think of writing an essay as cooking a meal. You need to get all the ingredients ready and follow the instructions to prepare a great meal. So today, we share our recipe for A-worthy essays about racism. Feel free to adjust it to your needs.

  1. Find surprising statistics or a moving personal story to grab the reader’s attention from the first line. Slowly build your introduction to racism essay into a thesis statement. Make it as precisely worded and cohesive as possible. A thesis should contain the core message of your piece in a single sentence.
  2. Layout the body paragraphs before you write them. You can write topic sentences or ideas on cards and shuffle them around until you find the most logical and clear sequence of arguments for your essay. Make sure to protect your weakest points with stronger arguments on both sides.
  3. Make the last passage a mirror of the first, not its copy. Finish the story you started in the introduction or offer another figure to illustrate your point before you highlight how all the points you’ve made are connected to your thesis statement. The racism essay conclusion is your most powerful argumentation and persuasion tool, so don’t pull your punches.
  4. Secure a high grade through judicial use of editing and proofreading. Nothing annoys the professor more than the need to cut points off a great essay riddled with mistakes. So be a good writer and edit before you submit the first draft. Get a second opinion if you’re not sure your writing reads smoothly and set up a Grammarly account to weed out typos and fix missing commas. 

Writing an essay about a controversial issue always takes more time than you anticipate. So don’t put off your assignment; start as soon as you receive the prompt. If you stick to our recipe, you will turn in the paper on time and get the A you deserve.

What Do You Do with Our Free Essays about Racism?

The trouble with writing about racism is the overabundance of references and opinions. Wading through the mess of publications and resources can take weeks or months, and you don’t have that much time. Besides, formulating the topic is a challenge when you’re dealing with such a delicate issue. So if you’re stuck at the early stages of writing an essay about racism, check out our free samples. They are a great source of inspiration and credible sources for you to use in your research. 

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What caused racism in America?

Many believe that racism appeared alongside the US, as the first European settlers showed signs of racial discrimination towards the indigenous population. The Atlantic slave trade exacerbated the issue that resulted in the Civil War. And though the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, racial segregation persisted, and institutional racism remains a nation-wide problem.

What is racial trauma?

It’s the name of mental and emotional injury resulting from racial discrimination, abuse or violence. Racial trauma can be a result of a negative personal experience or prolonged exposure. Acute symptoms of racial trauma are similar to those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and may include depression, insomnia, self-esteem issues and more.

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