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Mistreating someone just because of who they are, what they believe in, or who they love should not be so widespread in the 21st century. Yet, the discriminatory laws and practices are prevailing across the globe, and millions of people suffer unjust treatment to the point of lifelong incarceration and death penalty because of human inability to accept others are they are. As long as public acts of discrimination go unpunished and are accepted by the authorities, social consensus will not change, and large groups of people will be robbed of their rights and freedoms.

If you want to look into this issue, there’s no shortage of discrimination essay topics. All types of prejudice and bias are well-researched, so you won’t have trouble finding credible sources. It’s up to you whether you want a subject you can be objective about or something that hits closer to home.

Writing about racism is equally challenging to covering discrimination against immigrants. While the former is aimed at people of color, xenophobic behavior can be directed towards people of the same race and skin color, entering a foreign country searching for a better life. Considering the overwhelming number of Black Lives Matter demonstrations promoting fighting back, it may be worth looking into the racial discrimination and ways to avoid further conflict. Unfortunately, xenophobic tendencies are also rising, as the US is swamped with immigrants from Latin America, and the EU struggles to accommodate refugees from the Middle East.

If you aren’t into politics, an essay on gender discrimination may be more up your alley. You can compare the attitude differences before and after the adoption of the Sex Discrimination Act of 1984. The barbaric treatment of women in Muslim countries is also worth looking into to gain a better understanding of the depth of the issue. When something as natural as menstruation results in ongoing discrimination and poor treatment, you know the problem needs urgent attention and resolution.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is another worthy topic to cover in your paper. While in many countries, LGBTQ representatives are treated fairly, and without bias, there are over 70 countries that prosecute adults entering a same-sex relationship. And in 10 countries, homosexual relationships are subject to capital punishment. While you don’t have to focus on the worst-case scenarios, you can assess the change in attitude over time and offer possible solutions to reconciling orthodox religions with LGBTQ identities.

Direct discrimination is the easiest to challenge. When laws are directed against certain groups, changing them becomes the obvious solution. It’s indirect discrimination that is harder to spot and combat, as it does not affect the victims directly but creates conditions and terms that are twisted to act against them. Worse still is intersection discrimination that combines several biases and exacerbates the injustice. For example, black gay men usually suffer twice the discrimination of black men or white gay males.

If you cannot decide which way to take your discrimination paper, make the most of our free samples. They should provide plenty of inspiration to get you started on your assignment.

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