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Why Bother with a Social Media Essay Example?

In just over a decade, social media platforms transformed from exclusive clubs into a must-have for everyone. And the wide adoption of smartphones spurred the spread of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok ever further. However, the host of problems created by these platforms demonstrates that humanity wasn’t ready for the loss of privacy and sharing of everything on the net. 

The horrific issues range from teenage suicide pacts to online stalking, from increased depression rates to unhealthy body image obsessions. While adults struggle to catch up and wade through the issues, GenZers and millennials suffer the brunt of the negative impact.

Being such a multi-faceted issue, social media are among the hottest topics to cover in an argumentative, narrative or persuasive essay. Use our database to find inspiring examples and follow our tips to write a paper worthy of the highest grade.

What’s the Importance of Social Media

If we only consider the negative side of social platforms, we would miss the positive effect technology has on our lives. For example, social media

  • Let us keep in touch with friends and relatives, especially in the time of the pandemic crisis and social distancing protocols.
  • Provide a free outlet for creativity by encouraging content creators to post their copy, photos, videos, etc.
  • Help us gather information about people and companies, browse honest reviews, and keep businesses accountable.
  • Serve as a source of income for content creators through various monetization strategies, including advertising.

On the other hand, social media breed intolerance, provide a platform for hate speech and fake news, engage in content censorship, let criminals, businesses, and law enforcement officers collect personal data without accountability. After all, if you get something for free, your information usually turns into goods. Besides, social media lower work productivity, lead to smartphone addiction and a plethora of other psychological issues that call for professional medical help.

Now that we’ve covered how social media affect the world around us, let's take a closer look at how to write about those effects in an A-worthy paper.

How to Write a Social Media Essay and Get an A

If you’ve written one essay, you’ve written them all. The process is exactly the same, whether you have an assignment about social media, gun control, abortion or racial profiling. All highly controversial issues are at once easy and hard to write about because there’s too much information and too many opinions to make sense of.

Let us suggest a couple of helpful tips that will make this task easier for you:

  1. Screen the references for bias. Any research funded by Facebook will likely paint social media in a favorable light, and orthodox religious organizations will be the exact opposite. You need to find relevant and reliable sources that don’t favor either side of the argument and present facts instead of opinions.
  2. Leave the social media essay introduction for last. Finding the right hook and polishing your thesis statement is easy when the rest of the paper is finished. With the big picture in mind, you’ll find the right fact or anecdote to draw the reader in and tailor the thesis to fit your arguments.
  3. Outline before you write. You don’t have to do the formal outline. A simple list of topics for each paragraph is enough to keep you on track. Besides, it’s easier to shuffle points around before you’ve locked the passages in place with transitions and references.
  4. Don’t make the conclusion a copy of the introduction. Instead, expand on the thesis and connect the dots from your major points. Add examples of theoretical or empirical value of your research or provide avenues for further inquiry. Even a thought-provoking question won’t go amiss.
  5. Edit, proofread and format like you mean it. The post-writing steps are critical for your high grade. Every typo and missing citation are an annoyance for your professor and a drain on your point total. Get a second pair of eyes on your essay about social media if possible, or wait at least a night before going through it one last time before submission.

Capitalize on Free Social Media Essay Samples

With a good grasp of the issue and a perfect research question in mind, you can now jump straight into reading and note-taking. To make your job even easier, check out our free database that has every essay on social media you need for inspiration. Pay attention to reference sections; there are plenty of hidden gems there!

And if you need a little extra help writing your paper about social media, our writers are a couple of mouse clicks away. Thanks to their professionalism and experience, you can be sure you’ll get an A-worthy piece regardless of your class, essay requirements and deadlines. So reach out and let us transform your education into a success story.


What is social media?

Social media are online platforms designed for communication and content sharing. While Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram are the most popular social media nowadays, early examples include SixDegrees (1997), LiveJournal (1999) and Friendster (2003).

How social media affects mental health?

Social media is known to cause depression, the feeling of isolation, fear of missing out, addiction, and an unhealthy penchant for comparing ourselves to others.

How does social media affect teenagers?

Social media popularity among teenagers and young adults is unprecedented (89% among 18-29-year-olds in the US). Considering its addictive nature and psychological effects, social media has the most powerful impact on teenagers, affecting their worldview, academic performance, self-image, self-confidence, and more.

What are the ways how social media affects body image?

The extensive use of image correction and filters on social media promotes unhealthy body image standards among users. As a result, many suffer physical and psychological issues, from eating disorders to depression and indigestion, trying to fit the influencer mold.

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