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How to Make the Most of Romantic Literature Essay Examples

 Definition: Romanticism - is a literature and cultural movement that occurred as a response to the Industrial revolution and is characterized by the idealization of nature and the focus on an individual’s experience, isolation, and melancholy.

 Period: roughly from the 1790s to 1850s

 Literature influence: The Romantic period produced unique poems, novels, and dramas, focused on the subconscious and the individual’s feelings, but was later surpassed by realism in the post-Romantic and Victorian eras.

 Noteworthy authors:

 John Keats

 William Blake

 William Wordsworth

 Percy Bysshe Shelley

 Robert Burns

 Mary Shelley

 George Gordon Byron

 Noteworthy literary works:

 Don Juan


 The Cenci

 The Prelude

 Lyrical Ballads


 Death’s Jest-Book

 The Castle of Otranto

Linguistic and Literature majors are not the only ones who may be required to study Romanticism in literature. After all, literary movements are often the result of social, political, and economic changes within society. Hence, the evolution of literature styles often reflects the changes in the hearts and minds of the people. For example, reading Romantic poems and novels can help us understand how people reacted to the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution, the resultant urbanization, and the deepening of the class divides between the aristocracy and the working class.

So don’t be afraid of tackling an essay about Romanticism in literature. Treat it as your chance to travel back in time and experience the unique historical situation through the eyes of poets and writers. 

Besides, you don’t have to take this journey on your own. The SpeedyPaper team collected dozens of Romantic literature essay samples to help you wrap your head around this period in literature and art. We’re here to tell you how you can use our collection of free examples to breeze through any assignment.

First, you need to choose a topic for your essay about Romantic literature if the professor does not provide it. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, skim the sample titles, and see what your fellow students write. You can either go with the most popular issues or the opposite, depending on how much you wish your essay to stand out among your classmates.

Next, you’ll need to seek primary and secondary sources for your essay about Romanticism in literature. The former will depend on the topic and are usually easy to find in the campus library. The latter can be more challenging unless you pay attention to the reference sections of our samples. There you’ll find the most relevant works for your topic. You’ll get enough sources for any Romantic literature essay and spend no more than ten minutes on it.

Outlining should be your next step, and our Romantic literature essay examples can also help with that. Try reverse-outlining your favorite samples and analyze what makes them so effective. Borrow the structure for your paper, but remember to customize it to your topic, sources, and word count.

There are a few other things we suggest you focus on before writing your essay about Romantic literature. For example, if you always struggle with the opening of your paper, analyze introductions and seek hooks and thesis statements that make them work. And if your professors claim your writing is choppy and disjointed, pay attention to the logical order of your main points or arguments, as well as transition phrases designed to help readers follow your narrative.

But you should never try to submit a sample essay about Romanticism in literature under your name. That way lay plagiarism accusations and big school troubles. Instead, you should at least try to paraphrase the example to ensure it fools plagiarism checkers. Better yet, get professional help to guarantee a high grade and zero suspicions.

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What are the 5 main elements of Romantic literature?

Researchers differ in their takes on the number of the Romantics’ core traits. However, in your Romantic literature essay, you can focus on these five: viewing nature as the primordial force, highlighting the personal experiences of an individual, focusing on emotions and sensations over reason and critical thinking, idealization of women, and seeking understanding through spirituality and the supernatural. Some literature researchers also emphasize the Romantics’ interest in the experiences of common folk over those of aristocracy, the tendency towards isolationism and melancholy, as well as the freedom of literary forms used.

What is the main idea of Romantic literature?

The focus on emotion and sensations is the key characteristic of Romanticism in literature. Instead of merely describing events, Romantic writers devote significant attention to the inner worlds of their characters, which are often based on the author’s personal experiences. Spirituality, self-contemplation, as well as isolation and melancholy caused by said contemplation are also common themes in Romantic literature.

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