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Conspiracy theorists argue that global warming is nothing but a hoax to promote a new consumerism cycle. However, the hard facts prove that the surface temperature continues to rise at an alarming pace, and the effects of even minor changes are impossible to ignore any longer. The ocean is growing warmer, the forests are burning up, and the species are dying out. Without fast and decisive action, we may witness Earth becoming an unfriendly desert hardly suited to support human life.

Considering the all-encompassing nature of the problem, an essay on global warming is probably the most relevant paper you will ever write throughout your academic career. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available for researchers, and scientists publish new papers on global warming every month. 

The challenge of writing an essay or a research paper about global warming is narrowing down your assignment’s topic. You cannot cover the consequences, causes and possible solutions within the bounds of the word count. So you have to be extra picky with your data and formulate a precise topic to keep the facts manageable and leave enough room for your analysis.

If that seems like an impossible task, that’s because you haven’t seen our free samples yet. Every piece in our database covers one facet of global warming. You should browse a handful to find the examples you like and use the topics, outlines, and references to your advantage. This tiny shortcut will save you hours of research. 

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What are the causes of global warming?

Unlike the overall climate change caused by various factors, global warming is the sole responsibility of humanity. At first, the massive scale of the burning of fossil fuels was the primary cause of the rising temperature. However, by now, the causes include the widespread adoption of internal combustion engines and industrial production of greenhouse gases that include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and others. Their accumulation in the atmosphere traps the heat and elevates the air, water and soil temperature.

What are the effects of global warming?

While some consequences of global warming may be positive, like the lengthening of the planting season in some regions, resulting in larger crop yields, the rest are scary. Scientists expect the temperature to rise throughout our lifetime, and by the 2050s, the Arctic will likely become free of ice. The fading of the glaciers and the expansion of the seawater will increase the sea level by as much as eight feet in the coming century. At the same time, global warming will bring severe weather patterns. We can expect extended dry spells and droughts promoting forest fires, along with higher rainfall rates and stronger and more frequent storms.

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