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Why write an essay about air pollution?

Life on Earth is impossible without air. Humans, mammals, and most other lifeforms on our planet need atmosphere to breathe and can’t survive without it for more than a handful of minutes. Yet research on the ways air pollution impacts the environment, our bodies, and long-term health is sorely lacking. And it’s still among the most sought-after topics for college papers regardless of the major.

Anyone studying Ecology or Geography can write about the major sources of greenhouse gases, like air pollution from cars and burning fossil fuels to produce energy. Sociology majors can look into how air pollution factors into discrimination through urban planning and historical segregation of people of color. Medical-track students have a range of possibilities to study, from a pollution-related increase of allergic reactions to the long-term effects of pollutions that come from cars on urban dwellers.

Alternatively, you could research solutions for air pollution and their effectiveness rates. For example, while electric cars like Tesla do not produce greenhouse gases while driving, the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries and their recycling cause other types of environmental pollution. The same can be said about switching to solar or wind energy production. While it prevents air pollution in some ways, it introduces different pollutants to the ecosystems.

Another approach to air pollution assignments can take you on a sidetrack to research the methods of purification of the air. These may range from small-scale household air purifiers to large-scale tree plantings to substitute the destruction of rainforests. Industrial emission purification efforts are a viable research option. You can also study the political and economic efforts necessary to solve environmental problems on a global scale and why even a single country ignoring eco-friendly principles can threaten the lives of everyone on Earth. 

Finally, you can consider how each of us pollutes the air through our daily choices. For example, consider how using plastic, driving a car, or using incandescent Christmas tree lights can affect the air around us. Look into reducing personal carbon footprint, and you might want to introduce some of the methods into your routines.

You can keep ignoring air quality problems and stay away from the global warming discussion, but if you’re assigned an environmental essay, you will need a good place to start your research. Let our free essay sample database be that starting point for you. We host a dozen essays on the deterioration of air quality, the causes of pollution, and the possible ways of dealing with the problem. Feel free to browse, steal individual points or ideas, and copy the reference lists for later use. Just make sure you don’t submit any of the essays as your own to avoid getting in trouble with your professor. And if you need extra help, read on.

Where can you get an air pollution essay?

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