Essay Samples About Benefits of the Internet

Published: 2018-03-13
Essay Samples About Benefits of the Internet
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Essay on how the internet change life

The internet is arguably the most significant achievement in the 21st century. Through the internet, the world has become a global village, where people can communicate easily irrespective of distance. Despite the challenges that have come with the use of the internet, the internet has made life incredibly easier.

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The internet has made it easier to get and share information and knowledge. Through the internet, people are able to learn different subjects in a matter of seconds. The internet has made academic and non-academic source of information easily accessible, thus allowing for the passing of knowledge and information (Wallace, 2015). Through the internet, students across the globe are able to learn new subjects, and are also able to talk to their teachers across the globe. Besides, professionals in different fields have been able to share valuable information via various platforms on the internet (Madakam, Ramaswamy & Tripathi, 2015).

Communication has been a big beneficiary of the use of the internet. The internet has provided various platforms through which individuals can easily communicate irrespective of distance. A good example is the use of emails and online chats (Madakam, Ramaswamy & Tripathi, 2015). Through such avenues, individuals in different parts of the world are now able to effectively communicate within seconds. Besides, efficient communication means that people across the globe have been able to share activities and experiences; a factor that has contributed to the perception that the world is now a global village(Wallace, 2015).

The internet has made previously cumbersome activities such as banking, shopping and the paying of bills extremely easy. In most businesses today, the internet has made transfers using cash obsolete. In many shopping malls, customers have the ability to make their purchases at the comfort of their homes via the internet. In addition, the internet allows people to pay their bills without the use of cash. Electronic payments via the internet has also opened up businesses to customers across the globe. Today, customers in remote areas in Africa or Asia have the ability to buy goods from American stalls via the internet(Wallace, 2015).

The internet has also made life easier by opening up new ways through which jobs are done. For example, it is now common knowledge that individuals can work at the comfort of their homes, and make incredible amounts of cash. Through the internet, the concept of having to drive to the office in order to work has become obsolete. by enabling people work at their homes, the internet has increased levels of entrepreneurship, research and innovation (Wallace, 2015). This is because people are no longer constrained by time and space. For employers, the internet has made it easy to access new employees. Through a variety of platforms and websites, employers can easily advertise for the jobs while allowing people from diverse backgrounds to compete for the jobs (Madakam, Ramaswamy & Tripathi, 2015).

The entertainment sector has been a big beneficiary of internet usage. Through the internet, people across the globe are able to access various forms of entertainment. Platforms such as YouTube allow for the sharing of music videos and other forms of audio-visual entertainment (Madakam, Ramaswamy & Tripathi, 2015). Young people have also been provided with online platforms for playing games, which makes life easier.

It is therefore clear that the internet has made human life easier. Internet use is virtually present in every facet of human life, ranging from entertainment, to banking and even learning.


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Internet impact on society essay

1. Availability of information on almost every subject field.

The internet provide an interface where vast information in various subjects are made available to the scholars. This has promoted easy access to material facts which could have been very expensive to purchase. Numerous books are in the internet from different authors and bloggers thus ensuring fast acquisition of data.

2. Powerful search engines.

There are very powerful search engines in the internet that enables the user to access variety of information. This enhance time management and quality of information to be retrieved at any given point of time. Advanced learners and researchers find It therefore more convenient to utilize these search engines.

3. Ability to search in formation from home.

An individual does not need to go to the shop or large public libraries to get information. You can connect to the internet at any point of time while resting at home and get bulk of information which areuseful.This helps in avoiding inconveniences and time we stage since the information is with you be it at late midnight.

4 Providing platform for emails.The sequence your subheadings should follow and the shape you would like your ideas to conform to and your work adhered to. There needs to be chronological order, and the links should be utterly perceptible to the reader. The work should also show a progressive complication and development as it proceeds to enable the writer to explore the topic comprehensively and amicably. The structure should that which does not just list critical terms from the thesis. This system of proper and orderly structured essay will not only may either the reader or the writer's work easy but also improve the layout and eye appealing (Max, 2015).

Internet enables users to communicate through various means like use of emails. This has enabled the world to be a small place. Highly mechanized business are currently thriving because if this proper communication.

5. Friends and romantic connection availability.

The internet has provide an easy way of acquiring new friends and love partners. Various sites are being developed in which people login into and they subscribe. This sites helps the members to get new friends and love partners. Great relationships are now sailing through due to internet connection.

This means of communication is no only the one existing,others like WhatsApp and Skype to are available.

The material facts derived from the data available that you are trying to make sure to the readers even as you explain them forcefully in an attempt to summarize your ideas in the writing form. Relevant examples should be highlighted in support of your work alongside thesis. The evidence gathered and was elaborated intuitively should be the right kind and enough to convince the reader. This means that without the proof of your work being ample and concrete with an explicit connection to the thesis, then hardly will it hold the ground.


Berle, G. The green entrepreneur: Business opportunities that can save the Earth make you money. United States.

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