Paper Example. A Visual Analysis of Pip And The Southeastern Dogs

Published: 2023-04-23
Paper Example. A Visual Analysis of Pip And The Southeastern Dogs
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Bruno Simoes's animated video of a small white dog has been created to bring a connection to the understanding of content advertisement in a unique way. The animated video was first premiered at Lakewood ranch Cinema in October 2018 and later on made available on Youtube. During the launch, the CEO, Titus Herman, wished that the video gets one million views on youtube. True to his dream, it did. The creator, Bruno Simoes, made the video feature a peculiar 'celebrity' who was loved by all at the end. Little is known about the effectiveness of canine dogs and the relationship with the human race. Dogs are compatible with human beings for protection, safety, and guidance. They illustrate a typical character in humans that is hidden. This paper explains how a visual representation of a dog's characters strikes similarity with the human race. There is a striking similarity in the behavior of dogs with human beings. Although the Southeastern dogs advertisement enlightens on the need to train dogs and their value at home, Pip's character shows how human beings should strive to achieve their dreams despite the challenges faced.

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Features Of The Advertisement

In this video(, like many of Simoes's animation works, a female dog, short-legged, and clothed in white goes to Canine University to learn on becoming an elite southeastern guide dog. Looking at the dog, one can tell the determination and confidence in the animal, which are undeniably human-like characteristics in the pursuit of knowledge. Human beings are always engaged in learning new things while others find purpose in expanding what they know. The dog named Pip appears different in color and size than the rest of the dogs. The other dogs seem energetic and appear in black, cream, and other colors(Simoes,2018). Pip is not as first as the other dogs, even on the very first day. While the other dogs rush to where they will be guided, Pip appears confused and slow but strolls to join the others. On the background are an appealing green-colored block, a well-manicured landscape, and an attractive history on the back. The neighborhood, neat and quiet ushers in Pip, as if to communicate her next journey. Additionally, at the front of the building is a portrait of a southeastern guide dog, presented heroically. Pit looks on the picture with admiration and proceeds to the building.

The environment is clean and quiet with a bright blue sky, perhaps indicating the more hopeful part that laid ahead of Pip. The surrounding is all green, a color that could be understood of giving hope and brightness in the future. At the entrance of the building is a gallery of dogs and useful information on the southeastern dogs(Simoes,2018) Pip is directed to measure her weight, and it appears to be below the required height, though the instructor allows Pip to join the others in the instruction room. Pip's first attempt guiding their instructor failed terribly as the instructor fell. On the next exercise filling bowls, Pip could not fill her bowl as required. It is funny that after being conducted and taken through several steps, Pip still failed while the other dogs had mastered the art. It appears that Pip continued attempts, and the different exercises failed too though she made through to the last cut, she still missed and had to be chased away. Crying and showing bitterness, Pip figures out a disabled, blind woman struggling to get her way through a dangerous and busy construction site in Vain. Pip rushed to the rescue of the woman and guided her out of the dangerous place. On seeing this heroic act(Simoes,2018), she is awarded a superhero's cape and her guide diploma, becoming the best southeastern guide dog. Pip was cheered by the rest as she wore the cape just like the portrait she had seen earlier while entering the institution.

Ethos in The Advertisement

This work is metaphoric of human relationships, attitudes, and approaches to different sectors in their daily encounters. Additionally, Simoes has not only presented the animated video to critique the human character but also appreciate part of the human behavior in the representation of Pip. Pip is a bright colored dog, who is ambitious but slow on learning. Is this any different from the human race? It is undeniably right that the human race is typically bright in the diverse skin colors, with ability and ambitions that are intertwined with shortcomings. Its form of observation is juxtaposition. Along the way, many will embrace the flaws within them and maneuver in ways to better themselves. Those who become lazy will do nothing and accept the shortcomings as part of their lives. Although Pip was slow in learning, she did not give up but always showed up and ready to learn new things. The green color of the surrounding was a symbol of hope and better things in the future.

Target Audience And Purpose

The advertisement in this animation video was on the training of guide dogs at the Canine southeastern university, which depended on donations. The manager, an overseer of a breed of dogs, found this as an audience to market the services. The dogs are useful domestic animals both at home and in the military. The purpose of the advertisement was not only to show how southeastern dogs are trained to become elite guides but also on the use of understanding the role of dogs for humans. The target audience may have been the residence of the southeastern district, but the information derived informed a mass audience. One of the supporting features that support how the training of guide dogs is helpful is how Pip helped the blind woman navigate her way through the hazardous construction site. Dogs not only a guide, but they also protect one from harm and guarantee safety.

This advertisement is crucial for understanding the relationship between dogs and human beings. There is a deep connection between the two, which makes every human being like a target audience for this advertisement. The blind lady thanked Pip for being caring. Pip looked at the blind woman struggling to get her way through the site and rushed to help. The generous act showed by the dog is also in humans. Questions arise on whether humans can reciprocate the same spirit of kindness to dogs while in danger. Perhaps not, but Bruno's metaphoric representation here of how kind of dog can become is a lesson to human beings on the need to help in the dangerous situation despite relationships or any form of force being applied. Pip's heroic act touched the hearts of many, and she was awarded(Simoes,2018). It should be noted that this was not expected, considering that Pip had failed terribly in the last cut and several other lessons. She may not have deserved the award, but something touched the instructor and the others to help her get the crown.

The juxtaposition of colors shown by the creator in the colors is also a reflection on what life presents. Pip represents the bright side of a dog that is ready and willing to learn every day without being pushed. It is an illustration of human beings on the need to keep working hard and not to give up easily. The youth, especially those pursuing different subjects, are challenged to keep on grinding until the achievement is made. The belief in oneself is equally important; it is a necessity for everyone to believe in themselves to achieve their desired dreams like Pip.

Nonetheless, time may not matter. For Pip, being chased away from the final cut was a blow to her, and she figured out something in a short time. Dreams can be achieved if everybody believes in doing something.

The belief in oneself will also draw others into defining potential in yourself. For Pip, her instructor would have given up on her from the day she came. She was among the last to arrive with her height measuring below the required minimum, which only implied that she could not fit. She was allowed to carry on to the previous cut even after failing in all the attempts. If Pip had felt intimidated by all the failures, she would have given up and sought to pursue different things. Since she knew what she wanted, Pip kept trying to the last cut where she still could not disapprove her instructors and other dogs of her prowess. She quickly went outside, crying, and figured out what to do that caught the attention of many. This incident is also informing those pursuing their dreams to avoid fear. Pip is an epitome of confidence and determination that those who fear can emulate. Moreover, she tells many of the broader picture that the world can discover in a person when one believes in themselves. This is evident in how Pip gets awarded out of her heroic act. Just having the belief and walking to work is enough to define someone from far. It is what most people fail to understand.


Generally, dogs represent many aspects in human beings. Although the advertisement was meant to show the advantages of training and rearing different breeds of dogs in Southeastern, major dog characters depicted similarity to human interaction. Dogs show persistence in learning, which human beings can emulate from them. In Simeos's illustration of Pip, the dog can observe and understand feelings and further intervene in the best way possible. Although Pip's action of kindness wins her an award, the actual picture drawn from the work was methods that one uses to achieve their dreams. As human beings can show compassion in situations that need help, they are further guided in the story of Pip to diversify thoughts and seek more beneficial methods that will help them win or prosper. Just like dogs show interest in learning new things everyday, human beings are also challenged not to give up on learning. This advertisement shows determination and continuous pursuit of knowledge without giving up.


1033 Simoes, B. (Director). (2018). Pip | A Short Animated Film [Motion Picture].Southeastern Guide Dogs.

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