Essay Sample on Advertising and Television Commercials

Published: 2023-05-09
Essay Sample on Advertising and Television Commercials
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Advertising and television commercials are a means of communication with the users of a particular product or service. Advertisements are intended to inform and influence people who receive the messages. Current advertising platforms used to advertise products and services include the internet, television, as well as the print media. The paper focuses on the advertisement of the Mercedes Benz and Samsung phones, which results in powerful and compelling communications.

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The 2018 Mercedes Benz

The advertising of the 2018 Mercedes Benz aims at selling as many cars as possible. The advertisement aims at describing the reinvention and evolvement of the Mercedes Benz. The advertisement focuses on the new improvements made on the 2018 Mercedes Benz, especially on aspects such as luxury, comfort, as well as the speed of the car. The advertisement broadcasts certain cultural myths and fantasies. For instance, the television commercial creates fantasies such as an inclusively luxurious car with computerized systems that can help the car detect objects on the road. Therefore, the fantasies created by the advertisement are that the car can probably drive itself with minimum action by the drivers. As advertised, the 2018 Mercedes Benz offers hybrid services such as better fuel consumption and therefore appeals to the market. The stereotypes reinforced by the advertisement are the fact that the Mercedes Benz remains to be the best luxurious car with better performance as compared to another type of car.

Samsung Galaxy M13 phone

The Samsung Galaxy M13 phone is advertised on the internet, print, as well as through television. The advertisement aims at increasing the number of sales as well as creating awareness of the features and abilities of the phone. For instance, the advertisement captures the powerful camera that comes with the phone as well as an automatic tracing technology should the phone get lost. The Cultural myths and fantasies being broadcast is the fact that the Samsung brand continues to be the best phone in the market and is meant for high-end clients. For instance, the advertisement describes an exorbitant price of the phone as a marketing tool that describes it is targeted for high-net individuals. The stereotypes being reinforced in the advertisement is the fact that Samsung is the best brand in the market with distinguishable features that gives its users peace of mind. In addition, the advertisement reinforces the stereotype that the Samsung brand gives its clients a sense of social status within the society.


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