Analysis Essay Example

Published: 2022-06-08
Analysis Essay Example
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The Author's Claim in the Analysis Essay

Andrew Braaksma's goal in this essay is to highlight the challenges that blue collar workers undergo in the course of their daily activities. In the article, he attempts to show the difference in the expectations of the students and how these expectations are not the same as the reality of professional education found in the current contemporary society. The author also highlights how important education is to the modern society and the challenges that people who are not learned, or people with low levels of schooling undergo. In this regard, the author aims to encourage the students to take their studies seriously. To support this, Andrew Braaksma gives an outline of his encounters with the blue collar profession. Students should, therefore, evaluate the strength of the efforts that they put in their education.

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Author's Key Points and Rationale Supporting the Validity of the Claim

At hand are multiple vital issues, logical and sound evidence in Braaksman's article to support the claim that blue collar workers undergo many challenges in their course of work.

The logic is evident in the duration regarding the time that people spend at their places of work. The author states that students have a lot of time to waste in college and they don't use this time constructively and productively (Braaksma, 2005). Students waste this free time. Braaksma notes that durations for lectures are short and this shows how students waste time. He compares the long duration of work and the short duration of lectures. These long working hours reveal the challenges students are likely to face when they seek a job in the blue collar profession.

The author also shows that students attach less value to money during their student life. He reveals that he spends too much on beer. It is evident in the proclamation, "My experiences will stay with me long after I head back to school and spend my wages on books and beer" (Braaksma, 2005). In the professional world, people attach high value for money because getting it is difficult.

The author asserts that there is no job security in the blue-collar job. Acquiring such a role is also very difficult. Braaksma states that "As frustrating as the work can be, the most stressful thing about blue-collar life is knowing that your job could disappear overnight" (Braaksma, 2005). Lack of job security is therefore rampant among those with low levels of education.

The audience for the Essay and Challenges Supporting the Claim with the Demographic

My audience for this critical reading is college students and high school students in the transition of a graduate from high school. Some of the college's students do not appreciate the value of education and opted for quick classes or not present to classes, some maybe are having personal difficulties or hardship allowance, and they think about withdrawing from college. The students in the transition from a graduate from high school are in time to make the next step of their live and next choices for their education. They will benefit from my analysis;

College students will benefit by knowing that they have the decision to reconsider what they are currently doing wrong about their education, finding how important it is to be well educated and to make the necessary changes to improve their knowledge.

The high school student will benefit from this experience by seeing the different scenario of having school education or working in a factory. This history will open their mind to think very deeply about the next decision they will make in life; some high school student decides to work in a factory job because hoping to get money quick instead of going to college and wait four years for a college degree.

The Goal of the Essay

My major goal is to give my audience a better understanding that the essential element of a person's development. It helps in changing one's living condition is education and proves the need for the students to take seriously efforts to succeed. They will avoid the challenges that factory workers and small salary people face. The students will get an awakening to rethink their efforts on education

Places Where Evidence Would Be Most Useful

My proof would be available among students in colleges and the blue collar workers, especially in the production industries. Starting on the level ground with the same expectations is effortless. From the article, the author is a iron-willed, diligent youth. He decides to work in an industrial unit in conjunction with other skilled individuals much more experienced and more grown-up than him, to earn a living

The Most Effective Revision Strategy

My modification strategy will aim to get feedback and help me improve my writing by taking other people's views into account. It will help me expand on evidence to better support my claims. Other people reading my essay will in a position to highlight areas of improvement. I will, therefore, appraise my essay and make necessary changes to demonstrate my point. It will help me advance my essay without becoming overwhelmed with a complete rewrite.

The benefit of Feedback from an Outside Party

I believe when college and high school students review my essay, they will provide feedback to be the best revision strategy for me. College and high school students will be able to identify critical points. Also, my instructor may be able to look into it even more profound and give me a better or more detailed direction to follow. I am extremely receptive to other's constructive criticism as after a while of focusing on the same work I become lost and unable to improve upon my idea.


Braaksma, A. (2005). Some Lessons from the Assembly line; Sweating away my summers as a factory worker makes me more than happy to hit the books. Newsweek

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