Free Essay on Being a Good Student

Published: 2017-07-10
Free Essay on Being a Good Student
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Being a good student does not mean bringing your professor apples and love letters. A good student starts with a good person that`s motivated and passionate in what they are trying to pursue. Here are a few tips and tricks to becoming a good student.

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The first tip and trick in becoming a good student are to enjoy the class that you are taking so, do your research. Look up reviews of what other students had to say and see if that is the professor for you. If you get a professor that is not to your likings then you will probably be miserable and will not enjoy that class. This could lead you to miss class, not perform well, and lose interest. Then you will start to become a bad student instead of the good student you really are.

Another tip and trick are to be on time and to do your work early. If you stay organized, do your work ahead of time and arrive to class on time, you will be on you`re A-game. You will build your confidences and be motived to come to class every day. You could show the teacher that you are ready for whatever he or she has to throw at you and that you are ready to learn. You are not stressing out and you will actually start enjoying the class. Part of arriving on time is to pick classes that could work around your sleeping schedule and that are possible to achieve. If you are not a morning person then do not pick a 7:00 am class, you will get depressed! Also, do not pick classes that are five minutes apart from one another because you might want to use the restroom or grab something to eat. Give yourself enough time to arrive to class early or at least on time.

A final tip and trick are to communicate and find help if you need it. Your professors we`re students before, they know what it`s like so, if you are having a problem understanding something ask them. If you find that is not helping you then visit the learning center where some else could help you understand it. Also, if an emergency comes up and you cannot make it to class, let your professor know and ask if you could make it up, turn your assignment in late, or is there anything else that you could do. Do not be afraid to communicate with your professor they do not read minds and do not know what is going on until you tell them.

You see you do not have to buy your professors apples to be a good student you just have to be a good person. I hope that these tips and tricks have helped you and that you actually try them and see if they work for you. You could be a good student that enjoys the class and receives lots of A`s for doing your work on time and arriving to class on time. And do not forget communication, it could help you a lot in life.

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