Free Essay: Biggest Challenges Managers Face Within the Organization

Published: 2023-01-05
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Justify the course of Organizational Behavior in a MBA program. (Required to answer)

Organizational behavior in an MBA program is significant as it plays a significant role in enhancing job satisfaction among employees which is usually enhanced by the motivation strategies that are enhanced by managers of the organization. It usually offers managers an effective strategy on improving all aspects and departments of an organization.

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Explain three of the biggest challenges managers face within the organization-globalizing the firm's operations to compete in the global market, leading a diverse workforce, encouraging positive ethics, character and personal integrity. Include some of the issues (examples, effects) of each of these challenges.

Leading a diverse workforce happens to offers a significant challenge to most managers of the organization. The primary reason is that employees belong to different communities that have diverse cultures that are also sensitive to matters relating to the management of the organization. The management is usually tasked with the responsibility of identifying suitable strategies that will ensure that it is coexistence among employees (Mousa, 2018). The various cultures of these employees need to be upheld by the organization with the primary aim of ensuring that employees can achieve self-actualization which will be crucial in ensuring that operations of the organization are not affected negatively.

The other significant challenges that most managers' face is related to encouraging positive ethics in the operations of an entity. In most occasions, operations of most organizations are often guided by the integration of good working ethics in the operations of the organization (Nelson, & Quick, 2013). However, this might prove to be a challenge to managers due to the different perceptions that employees mighty hold regarding ethics in the community. However, the lack of suitable conditions might undermine the efforts of managers to encourage positive ethics as employees might devise unscrupulous techniques to ensure that their needs and wants are achieved by the organization. For example, an employee might be tempted to engage in corrupt dealings with the core objective of acquiring adequate resources that will enable him or her to meet his or her needs.

Globalizing of the organization to increase the level of competition in the international market will prove to be a crucial challenge to managers. Creating a suitable strategy will be essential in determining how the organization will conquer its primary competitors in the market (Feasel 2018) However, creation of an ineffective strategy might play a significant role in undermining the activities of the organization thus leading the organization to fail in its mandate to attain globalization completely.


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