Essay Sample with the Response to Fast Fashion

Published: 2019-10-21
Essay Sample with the Response to Fast Fashion
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Fashions and design has been changing at fast rate. Most people especially women would go for new and fashionable clothing upon hearing of its entrance to the market. Therefore the rate at which fashion items are much growing is connected to its high appreciation by most people. Most of the firm designing clothing have devised some strategies to see to it that they produce different designs periodically to attract more customers in their shopping centres and boutiques. In so doing they increase their sale which in turn results to good profits in the business (Keegan). H&M is company the deals with the designing of clothes it as held such a reputable position for long. It was founded back in 1974 in Vasteras Sweden and up to now it realised tremendous transformation which has seen it grow to other parts of the world such as Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and UK.

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In 2004, it offered some exclusive collection that attracted more customers to its shopping sites. It is incumbent to note that it has heavily invested on womens wear. However, in 2009 it took a paradigm shift by designing the first mens wear. It further designed swimwear for both men and women and knitwear and lingerie for ladies (XIONG). Interestingly to note is the social made has too played a significant role in its marketing since some of the socialites would put on the clothing and take snaps which they would latter on post on Social media. As such, most of the potential customers are targeted prompting them to go for such designs.

Issues related to H&M

There are multiple issue related to H&M which ranges from poor remuneration of its workers who serve from different destination and most importantly lack of observing workers safety. For instance in Cambodia where H&M has opened its satellite company, it was noted that children are employed in that firm. The report by Human Rights watch reveal that 20 out of 60 workers are children. This is an alarming revelation since no one would expect a company of that magnitude to be practising child labour. (Kumar) More reports indicate that women are at time abused in the organization. In the year 2015, most of the workers lost their lives when they were questing for better pay. They were brutally shot dead and most of them sustained serious injuries from the gun shots. At Bangladesh where H&M has expanded its company, the situation is no different from Cambodia one. It was evident that workers safety has not been prioritised. In case of an emergency in the said firm, workers lives may be in danger since they are no clear exit doors for workers (Kumar). Moreover, most of the part of the building had not been fully renovated and this posed a great threat to the lives of the innocent workers within the organization. Similarly, the slides doors are not fully functional and in case of any eminent danger, workers are exposed to great threat.

Conclusively, H&M is widely known to be designing fashionable clothes for both men and women. However, it does undergo some notable issues raising some suspicion in its reputation. As enumerated above, some of its workers are not remunerated well and in some of the countries, it was evident that children are employed in its firm, a clear violation of human rights. This and many other issues are the major setback of H&M.

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