Degrees or Skills: Debating Job Opportunities for the Unqualified - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-30
Degrees or Skills: Debating Job Opportunities for the Unqualified - Essay Sample
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I support the idea of job opportunities to be given to individuals without degrees. People who are 30 % unqualified have closed the gap of skills and build muscles that they need to succeed due to their obsession (Mosley & Lars). Since they are aware that the whole world is over watching them, thus when given the opportunity, they assess and evaluate their progress and go far by inquiring from their mentors and coworkers for constructive feedback. People without degrees have great attitudes and humble what is required in every workplace, contrary to their counterparts who are arrogant. They are very aware that there are doubters in their mindset, unlike their 100% qualified contemporaries who need to prove them. When they perform the job, they are keen because they know the skill which brought them to the job will not take them to the next career station. When given a job, they are not resentful because they are eager to develop additional skills. Job opportunities should be given to individuals who do not have degrees because employers always need skills in the current world, not just titles or knowledge. An unprecedented job boom was experienced in the industrializing—mismatch of jobs on a situation where availability of employment and urge of jobs people want. A good illustration is in the current U.S, where unemployment is 3.6 % percent, yet job openings are 7.4 million (Cunningham, 141). A big question is why? Are the jobs unappealing to people who have degrees or graduates?

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Moreover, the jobs require a different skill set than what job seekers offer; hence, you can get this from the unqualified individuals without degrees? Individuals without a degree can add immediate value to the workplace because the number of graduates keeps on rising; hence, universities cannot translate work due to employers' reservations. It is hard to predict a substantial proportion of future jobs, except there will be a requirement of range skills than what is displayed by individuals with a degree. Employing people without degrees will be helpful because their minimum resources are spent on them in terms of salaries. Because individuals whose degrees demand a lot of wages, the same quality will be done by unqualified individuals who require compensation; hence, they might make savings.

The bottom-line importance of hiring individuals who are top-performing without formal college is that you can and an individual who is a natural knack, raw vision, and energy for dreaming up the program, product, sales and marketing, other business operations, and operational. These individuals are minimal suited to academic structures; they will thrive in entrepreneurial, looking–forward, or stating how they empower organizations once given opportunity. We should not doubt them because self-directed, and they can prosper when they are liberated beyond the confines of directly when given the job opportunities.

Counter-arguments why we should not give job opportunities to individuals without a degree

It becomes hard to hire individuals without a degree because, in this era, everything is relying on technology and a combination of extensive knowledge of hardware and software updates. Hence they are not skillful in all aspects of social media and the internet and mobile apps. Individuals without a degree have no raw talent; also, they are not skilled at teamwork, too; hence it is of significance to hire graduates since the business relies on the star performers and not amateurs. (Bogonko) Millennials develop perfect employees; therefore, they are not committed, punctual, and self-driven without degree grads. (Roundy & Dutch 94-120) Dynamism, vibrancy, and energy are needed in a business driven by entrepreneurial skills, which are oriented in extending business horizons; thus, these individuals lack those skills. The individuals cannot imagine and their creativity to think outside the box and develop a new solution that will benefit the business. Innovation is essential, which improves financial performance due to new perspectives that are required; unfortunately, they do not have them.

The individuals are not multitasking, whereby they do not have the energy and drive to foresee the project thru and decide to go for high-risk assignments. (Mussalo)Statistics, Metrics, and Numbers come difficultly from the non-skillful people since they have not undergone training on new analytics and research methods, unlike the individuals who know the latest techniques. The non-graduates do not have a lot of abilities when it reaches the point of acquiring work-related know-how. The knowledge curve for them is nearly existent since they are not the first learners with the potential and skills to realize the latest business solutions and technologies.

Obstacles and challenges naturally deter, making stringent targets and challenging projects within business premises because no one will volunteer to approach them due to the difficulties. These individuals lack communication skills to the organization and among them; thus, it becomes difficult in problem-solving abilities and analyzing data. They do not have a vast reservoir of knowledge; therefore, they are not interested in acquiring new skills to become more professionals.

They find themselves in a challenging situation where they need to change into working patterns or transition from a particular work setting to another. When individuals are adjustable, it benefits the business from the growth that took place because it will get steady profits and returns. When there is no new energy and ideas to current initiatives and projects, these individuals decrease diversity within the organization's work team. These individuals lack web 2.0 and social networking to equip them to deal with challenges at work (Turner, 313-327).

Hiring individuals to enhance market growth and value is a brand story that will resonate with customers. To improve drive growth and market visibility, one should consider hiring individuals who have a degree. For the development of the business, qualified and fresh talent is compulsory. That is why grads apt the bill when creating a niche market comes into mind in your organization's marketing services and products in innovative and new ways.

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