Essay Example: Post Implementation

Published: 2023-05-03
Essay Example: Post Implementation
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In any project process, there is a post-implementation review where the project team assesses and reviews the solution for the completed work. It involves the evaluation of whether the objectives of the project have been achieved and the effectiveness of managing the project. The purpose of the post-implementation review is to avoid making a similar mistake when doing another project in the future and allow one to learn of better ways of running a project (Nicolaou & Bhattacharya, 2008). Usually, this review is performed as the last step in the project cycle after the live running period and, in many cases, after the project has been completed. The post-implementation review allows the identification of the various aspects attached to the project, such as its success, achievements, deliverables, and lessons learned. Usually, this process involves an independent party that validates the success the project has had to give confidence to stakeholders. In this case, the project involves a management and tracking system developed for marathon runners.

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In this project, there are various post-implementation items that need to manage and support in the first five days, the first four weeks, and the first six months for the marathon runner management and the tracking system. The examples of these items are as mentioned below:

First five days post-implementation items:

Checkpoint- this involves checking for any system issue or glitch, which may come up as a result of the potential traffic caused on the site.

User-friendliness- this involves examining how user-friendly the site is for the users (athletes).

  • Survey- this entails the surveying of the opinions of the users when they give their views about the experience they have had with the system.
  • Additional features- there is an examination of the system to establish any additional features that could be incorporated based on the feedback from the users about their experience.
  • Backup- the need to establish the presence of data backup in place and how reliable it is in the system.
  • Training and technical assistance- this entails the provision of training and technical assistance on the way the system can be used.

First four weeks implementation items:

  • Sign in-involves finding out if the system can integrate new racers who sign-on
  • It should establish where the system can successfully allow the login for friends who want to track the course of their favorite racers already on the site.
  • The need to check the issues related to information security software to establish how well the system is prepared against hacking.
  • Updating- involves checking the system if it needs the software update ton accommodate any improvement that is suggested.

First six months implementation items:

  • Have a routine maintenance schedule in place
  • Check and confirm if all the users were able to log into the system
  • Check the effectiveness of the system considering the long time it has been in use

Similarly, a failure scenario may arise for the post-implementation item. The possible failure scenario involves the lack of proper planning of the system development process. This depicts the failure to highlight the priority features that need to be added to the system. For the solution, it is proper that when developing the system, the focus needs to be on a solution on how to optimize strategically and this requires planning as the first step. The planning step is critical for business viability and IT industry development. If the designed solution is poor, it means that work will be redone in the future, which might be costly. The schedule should be defined to identify the roles and responsibilities of each person.


Nicolaou, A., & Bhattacharya, S. (2008). Sustainability of ERPS performance outcomes: The role of post-implementation review quality. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 9(1), 43-60.

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