Embarking on Education: The Unforgettable First Day in College - Free Essay

Published: 2024-01-22
Embarking on Education: The Unforgettable First Day in College - Free Essay
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Indeed have had many great days in my life, however, the most unforgettable day was my first day in a learning institution as it had a significant impact on my life. It was the beginning of my dream to pursue higher education in the most recognized international institution in the world. Indeed I had many emotions that I could not measure their degree since my longtime dream of pursuing further education abroad was fulfilled. I always dreamt of joining campus and decided to want what I wanted in my life. The first day was still fresh in my mind as I had many thoughts in my mind. It was a day of many new experiences that I recall to date. That bright morning I was feeling proud and happy given that I was a college student. I put on new and fancy clothes and packed my necessities as I said goodbye to my friends and family since it was a long trip.

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The first day in campus class was absolutely good. I was impressed with the class's organization, given that it accommodated more than three hundred students, a population that is larger than the classes I attended before. The first instructor gave us the class policies, expectations, and the syllabus of what to tackle by the end of the semester. Given that there was internet access in the hall, it was very easy to access various topics. Therefore it was a great opportunity to use a laptop in class as students were incorporated in the electronic forum whereby they could freely share various views and ideas without being in the learning institution Class participation was accorded with significance as each student was at free will to express any idea concerning overall expectations of the subject.

Having undertaken an English class was not a big deal; however, it was my first day being in a culturally diverse environment compared to my past schools, where most students were from less diverse backgrounds. Students from many nationalities were present; hence was a great opportunity to interact with many people from different cultural backgrounds. Many students could not speak French, but we communicated in English, which was known by many. The most interesting part is that on the first day on campus is when I met a lady, my best friend and confidant from Germany, who has been on my neck all through given that she is a friend who helps me in the most difficult and happy moments of my life.

Indeed I will never forget the first day on campus as it had a different learning system than the previous classes I attended in junior schools. The learning environment was very conducive, given that each class had different timing, and students were to choose the most favorable time for them to attend a class. It was a noble opportunity to balance my job and school work since I preferred attending evening classes.


For sure, a college is a dreamland for many students in the world concerning their education career. It is a beautiful moment of enjoyment, freedom, and friendship. The first-day memories tend to be memorable and amazing as they possess a significant impact on my memory. Attending class, on the first day will always remain in my mind as I meet a diverse culture and different learning systems, and students are always guided by books. Indeed the first day of college opened a new chapter of freedom, friendship, and pleasure as it was the first moment of meeting new teachers and friends of the learning institution.

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