Education Essay Sample on Flex Path Program

Published: 2019-05-22
Education Essay Sample on Flex Path Program
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1. Explain how the Flex Path program aligns with your career goals.

Flex Path will align with my career because as a Web Application Developer I need to enhance my skills to fit in the industry. Working with computers in a very competitive world very digital I need to have skills and the knowledge ahead of my competitors. Flex Path, therefore, offers me a very good opportunity to be on top of the game. With my career goals as a Web Application Developer which includes; aiming for the creation of websites for small and medium business enterprises and companies, having great full time job, having a positive impact on the society, create my own firm in the future as well as doing freelance activities.

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Flex Path help me save time in my career as I can be able to go on with my daily activities, my job as well as aiming high to achieve my goals. It also helps me to apply the skills and the knowledge I get from the programme in my job real quick without waiting to finish the programme to apply the skills acquired from the start. The programme is very much beneficial in the development of oneself in the different career undertaken and striving to attain the goals set forth.

2. Expand on your previous academic history and how it relates to your ability to be successful in Flex Path

I went to multiple institutions where I took many classes, and I was not able to find the right fit to suit me. The classes were long and very tiresome at times and some units seemed not so relevant to what I was undertaking. I was not happy with learning and the waste of time; that drove me to go online and search for Flex Path programme to give it a little try. I never knew that it would be very enjoying and very swift no time wasting. My previous academic history made it easier for my abilities to prosper in Flex Path.

Ability to save time and work hard to gain more from everything made it clear of the success from the Flex Path at the end. The effort I was willing to put in was made effective by the effort put by the Flex Path to make sure the success of the students. My ability to grasp things very fast made things easier to get tremendous success from Flex Path as compared to the previous institutions I went to.

3. Discuss your ability to self-motivate in an unstructured environment.

With the ability to work hard under any circumstance to achieve the goals set forth will ensure that I self-motivate myself into making it happen and making sure the struggle and effort put gets good out of it. Ability to work with anyone and motivate them as well as leading a group of people is a clear indication of the ability to self-motivate me into working in a very hard unstructured environment. My willingness to apply the skills I acquired will also motivate me into struggling in the unstructured environment to achieve and gain whatever I am set to gain from it.

Ability to be innovative in new ventures and development of the business also will motivate me into working hard in an unstructured environment. Listening to other people to get whatever they have to offer puts my ear on the ground understanding the demand. Bringing together the ideas from family, friends, journals will motivate me into analyzing the ideas to figure out the one that will work under the unstructured environment. Working under hard conditions as well as working under pressure at all times to achieve my goals will allow me prosper under unstructured environment.

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