Free Essay Example on Exponential Growth and Moore's Law

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay Example on Exponential Growth and Moore's Law
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Moors law states that the amount of transistors on an integrated circuit increases two times within one financial year. This law is very important as it assures us exponential growth in time series. This law or the use of exponential growth rate is used in developing long-term plan in semi-conductor industry when setting targets during research and development. Moors law therefore supports technological and social change by ensuring that there is future prediction.

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b). genetic modification

This is scientific handling of organism genome with biotechnology and through this, the process ensure that there is technological transformation of genetic makeup of an organism. The process also allow for the transfer of genes within different species to come up with a more genetically stable living organism (Head et al, 2009). These kinds of organisms, which are produced through genetic modification are categorized as GMO and the introduction of this kind of organism have both positive and negative effect in our community. The use of this technology in agriculture increases food production because the plants organisms produced in the same nature mature within a shorter period and have higher production capacity.

c). Nanotechnology

This is a technology is used to transform atomic matters or molecular matter for production of macroscale goods. The products produced in this nature are called molecular nonetechnology. These products are produced from atomic matters and can be used in economic growth of a country. The importance of this technology is that it helps in the creation of some essential materials that has nonescale dimension by having the capacity to directly control atomic matter. The effect of this technology in our society is that it helps in the production of many products such as nonmedicine, nonelectronics and even consumer products (Head et al (2009). The same process also supports scientific research that includes production toxic substances and the effects of some substances on the environment.

d).Transhumanism and the singularity

This movement has a purpose of changing human state through the development of complex technologies to improve personal intellectual, physical condition and psychological wellbeing. These technologies have been studied in order to identify potential benefits that are able to eliminate human problems. These technologies have the capacity to change human beings into various personalities with greater potential than a natural being. The importance of this technology is that it improves human abilities by minimizing human limitations and this helps in the improvement of our communities.

Question 2

a).What changes in what it means to be a human do you foresee in the next 100 years?

There will be very many changes in what it means to be human in the next 100 years. It is predicted that computers will have intelligent behavior that is similar to human intelligence. It is also predicted that within the same period computers will have more power than the capability of human brains and this will create what is called intelligence explosion that will cause radical change in civilization. I also believe that innovation will increase exponentially to the extent that it will be very hard to predict human history. There are other possible changes are expected to create great benefits to humanity. The introduction of Nokia sensing XCHALLENGE that are used in the manufacture of Smartphones which are able to diagnose cholesterol, heart rate and blood pressure (Headet al, 2009). These therefore help in testing these kinds of diseases without seeing a doctor. Within the next 100 years, it will be possible to have intelligent robots that will have the capacity to replace human beings in their duties. It is possible that robots will be involved in most operations such as road construction. I also suggest that in the next 100 years, we will have driverless cars and this will reduce the cost of doing transport business. The advantages of driverless cars are that there will be less accidents and efficient traffic (Drexler,1992). This will therefore ensure that such changes take place within a shorter duration of time.

It will also possible to transfer knowledge into someones brain. This therefore will eliminate schools since skills be transferred into the brains of students using advanced machineries. This will be possible, it will reduce the level of employment as teachers, and other school administrators will not be there.

b).How will these changes be both good and bad for the individual, community and the World

These changes are very good because they increase the production capacity of a country by increasing efficiency, effectiveness and reduce operating costs. The introduction of smart-phone like devises helps in diagnosis of different diseases without involving doctors. This improves life expectancy of people because they can start early treatment of diseases like blood pressure and heart diseases. The negative side of these changes is that they reduce the level of employment because the work that could be done by someone is will be done either by intelligent robot. This renders more people to be jobless and as a result reduce the living standards of some people.

c). How much of these machines do you want to be

These machines should not be there in excess but they must be in the right proportion to allow people also to do other things by themselves (Head et al, 2009). This will ensure that there is no great impact on employment and overproduction of goods and services.

d). How will economic conditions affect the availability and feasibility of these modifications?

Since the introduction of these changes are very expensive, financial constraints will limit their introduction because there will be insufficient resources to support them (Drexler,1992). There will also resistance from the public as the introduction of robots replaces them from their duties hence become jobless.

e). How should we regulate acceptable modifications to human beings

There should be laws and policies that ensure that modification to human beings are controlled to ensure that it is not done in excess. It is also possible to create bodies that regulate modification to human beings. These bodies will authorize and approve any modification proposed to be done on human beings.


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