Free Essay - Factors Affecting Internet Use in American Population

Published: 2023-01-08
Free Essay - Factors Affecting Internet Use in American Population
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The introduction presents information about the views of adult Americans on the impact of the internet and other technologies on their personal lives and society at large. It is evident that the majority of adults tend to view these impacts mostly in positive ways as shown by a survey conducted by the Pew research centre. The research is aimed to answer the questions of how various factors have affected Americans ability to access and use the internet and embrace new technologies and how the use of the internet, based on these factors, have affected their views on its social impact.

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The research method used as shown in the article is the mixed method. This is because the research involved collecting, analysing and integrating quantitative and qualitative research. Qualitative in the sense that the research results were based on optional information that the researcher gathered through focus groups and observations. Quantitative because of its analysis consists of statistically analysed scores collected. The researcher used sequential exploratory since their primary purpose was to explore a research problem. It starts with the qualitative methods then the results were analysed followed by the implementation of quantitative methods. The results were then integrated after researchers interpretation.


The key findings of this research show that most American adults believe that the internet is a good thing because it makes information access much more comfortable and faster, making up 62% of the population. Communication comes as the second reason making up 23%. However, the internet is viewed as a lousy thing largely because it isolates people from each other as shown by the 25% of the respondents. Fake news came as the second most common reason making up 16% followed by its negative impact on children 14% and its promotion of illegal activity at 13 %. It is also right to say that based on these findings, there is a gradual but significant reduction on those who view the internet as a good thing both to them and to society.

The same can be said about those who have mixed reactions to the matter. However, those who think of the internet is a bad thing to them and society have increased over the four years though at a low rate.

The other key finding of the research is that most common type of internet users in America is mostly the home traditional broadband service which made up 65%, whereas the "smartphone only" internet use stood at 20%.

Another key finding is that the majority of people using the "smartphone only" internet are those from deprived backgrounds making less than $30000 per year, making up 31% of the population, whereas those who used the traditional broadband service mostly came from well off background making more than $75000 a year.


The research, therefore, concludes that factors such as economic class, age, literacy, race and geographical settings affect how people use the internet and the type of internet they use.


The research has raised the follow-up question:

  1. How has the internet access options of most Americans affected their ideas and views about the effect of the internet to them as individuals and the society at large?
  2. What is the cause of the significant decrease in people who agree to the idea that the internet is suitable for both the community and themselves?

The reason for these questions is to establish how the type of internet options affects how people use the internet hence changing individuals' reasons for their views on social and personal impacts. The second question is aimed to establish the reason why there have been decreases in the number of people who support the idea that the internet is good for both them and society. It's intended to show factors that are bringing about this change.


The above research review is aimed at reviewing the article "Declining Majority of Online Adults Say the Internet Has Been Good for Society" based on the ask, research, learn and do analyse process aimed at establishing the topic in question, research methodology, research process, findings and additional follow up questions.

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