Free Essay: Financial Management Undergraduate Personal Statement

Published: 2019-12-09
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All over the world today, people sleep, dream, talk, and think about money. Money has been the common language used by individual groups all around the globe, America, Asia, Africa and every part of the planet. Its the only dream that is shared by individuals all over the globe, the dream of financial tranquility. It is for this money importance in the world today that I grew interest in studying Finance.

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Finance is considered a daily organ in our everyday life as it is applied in almost every field in life. Transfer of monetary and nonmonetary resources happen in everyday life, and money is the global medium for all these. It is of great importance to every changes in geo-political and economic fields irrespective of geographical location. Career wise finance is a very rewarding course with vast job opportunities and is of demand worldwide.

Personally my goal is to be successful in business. Almost every entrepreneur in the Forbes list of billionaires are businessmen. I thus believe that finance greatly suits my personality. I mostly enjoy tackling quantitative and statistical challenges that I always interpret financially. This shows the pleasure I have in finance as a career. Watching my favorite team I always focus on the financial standing of the team, if they win the match where they will be in the log table and what position they will end in and how much money they would make from it.

Currently I am a student doing a French baccalaureate S degree. The degree that commands high level mathematics and physics, giving me an excellent qualification that back my pursuit for finance as a career. I have learnt and fluent in three languages: English, French and Arabic, and currently taking Spanish lessons. After my undergraduate I am planning to pursue an MSc in Finance as this would definitely put me at an advantage in the job market.

Personally I am a well-rounded individual, a bookworm and believer in co-curriculum activities. Generally I love competitive sports and have served as a team captain for AFC soccer Club for two consecutive years. My love for sports have allowed me to serve as a volunteer assistant coach at the American Community School camp, where I had the responsibility of coordinating trips and sport activities. I have also volunteered to work for Red Cross where I contributed towards helping raise awareness among Lebanese teenagers against drug addiction and substance abuse, an epidemic in my country. I have volunteered to work with G-Association NGO, from where I contributed in raising awareness for ecological and environmental issues.

After high school I worked in my fathers real estate development company for two years, where I accumulated substantial amount of knowledge. This allowed me to expand my understanding for the various financial and managerial dynamics concerning real estate. For the two years attachment I learnt relevant and valuable negotiation and communication skills. More importantly I have learnt the importance of appreciating and respecting other peoples work, irrespective of their contribution, a virtue that would help me a great deal in relating with other people at work place.

With all these academic and life experience, I believe Im suitable and qualified to apply for the a degree in your reliable institution from where I would be able to join other candidates of the same caliber or better based on the kind of alumni who have already passed through your institution. In thus humbly present my application and hope to be considered, thank you.

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