Free Essay Example: For Admission Committee

Published: 2023-05-01
Free Essay Example: For Admission Committee
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I am Mohamed Hesham Mohamed Elganainy. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the German University in Cairo (GUC) and will graduate majoring in June 2020. I am writing to express my intention to pursue a Master's Program in Informatics at the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM).

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My first internship at the university was in Software Engineering. I spent about two months at IBM where I worked on a prototype E-commerce website for a regional company. I was responsible for developing the backend and managing the database of the website. The project was successful and received great appreciation. My performance in the project was so good that I was offered a part-time job during my studies. However, I declined this offer since I was offered another opportunity at an ERP company (CIC), which is an SAP partner in the Middle East. My first job was as an ABAP developer, and I held the position part-time for two years during university. I was also offered a full-time job as a junior developer following my graduation. I consider my success in this job as my most significant achievement to date.

I have always had a conflict between pursuing a Master's degree immediately after graduation or starting a career. Societal opinion, including my father's, is that I should start a career early to sustain myself through life. However, following a long period of personal mediation and professional conversations, I concluded that postgraduate studies will give a unique perspective of the field I desire to get into. Besides, I have always looked forward to pursuing a Master's degree. I also decided to talk to my professor about my plan to pursue a Master's degree abroad instead of working immediately after graduation. He was very considerate and even offered me a part-time job as we wait for the results of the application.

To get a unique perspective in the Informatics field, I need a head start in my career development. I also need to push the limits and bring out my full potential. I am convinced that pursuing a Master's degree as opposed to taking up employment immediately will help me achieve this goal. Through a Master's degree, I will gain greater knowledge that will ultimately benefit my career. My primary interests are in Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Software Engineering, and Deep Learning. Upon acquiring a Master's degree, I will apply the knowledge to start my own company in my home country.

TUM is among the top science schools in Germany. I have also interacted with several of its graduates at GUC. As such, TUM has always been at the top of my choices. TUM's Master of Informatics offers a wide range of electives in all the fields that I am interested in. For me, TUM's Master of Informatics finely aligns with my interests in Machine Learning, Software engineering, and Data Engineering. Therefore, TUM stands out as the best place that will help me achieve my goals and realize my full potential.

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