Master's in Health Care Administration and Management - Application Essay Example

Published: 2020-02-18
Master's in Health Care Administration and Management - Application Essay Example
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Obtaining a Masters in Health Care Administration and Management will provide me with the opportunities to pursue clinical facilitator at a lab or administrator at a healthcare facility. Management provides platforms, opportunities, forums, processes for ideas and collaboration. I look forward to having a platform for my ideas to be heard and be able to hear the ideas of others, aid employees with professional growth, and assist with higher production capabilities. With my strong interest in science I would hope to have the opportunity to implement new strategies for technological advances. Therefore, this degree will contribute to my personal and professional goals.

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I view myself as a lifelong learner and look forward to continue growing and progressing. Since 2002-03, with the passing of time, awareness of limitations and strengths, professional help, family support, and utilization of cognitive strategies have allowed me to continually progress.

Unfortunately, early in my college career I experienced major life changes that had a negative effect on my academics. On Christmas Eve 2002, I was involved in a car accident where I suffered major head trauma, namely, a brain concussion. As the Spring 2003 semester progressed, I had difficulties focusing in class and progressing, which was unlike my usual classroom behavior. Just being able to pass cost me a great effort. I was diagnosed with post-concussional disorder by a neuropsychologist. Some of the effects of post-concussional disorder are cognitive problems involving memory, concentration and thinking; all of which I was experiencing. I followed recommendations to attend therapy with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). The sessions provided me with training and strategies to focus, memorize, listen, and effectively communicate. The progress was slow. With time, the effects of post-concussional disorder lessened as my brain healed and recovered. What I lost, I will never know. What I gained, was perseverance despite the circumstances. As I was just getting on track, another tragedy hit me. My younger brother passed away unexpectedly on September 03 2003. The upheaval of that emotional trauma is unexplainable. The fact that I still continued my full time class load and part-time work every semester until graduation despite the whirlwind in my life amazes me until now. Nonetheless, despite the professional help of an SLP and psychologist which I was getting after yet another emotional trauma, my academic performance was negatively impacted. There were nights of sleeplessness, bouts of depression, anxiety, sadness that overshadowed my performance, personal and educational, but my perseverance endured. The biggest lesson I learned during that time was to keep pushing myself forward no matter what happened, and working hard for my future.

Fortunately, I have used my cognitive strengths to help make up for my cognitive weaknesses. I have always been good at putting puzzles together, distinguishing patterns; and visual-spatial skills. I have a strong capability to notice patterns and repetitions in procedures and instructions which I use to assist in keeping my focus. This way of thinking has proven to work for me as I have taken part in major product development and strategic planning projects in my professional career. Without a doubt, the biggest challenge for a learner is to remain motivated and focused throughout the mundane or sometimes monotonous learning process, and I intend to address it by making sure to review the information I learn and find something curious and worth deeper research in its every piece.

I will be the only one in my household pursuing a post bachelorette degree, but I am not alone. My husband has been encouraging me to do this for a while and he will continue to do so. His thoughtfulness, loving heart and positive support helps me excel. I am also being continuously supported by my mother, grandparents, aunt, and uncle who all encourage me furthering my education in the Health Care Administration and Management program.

My goal is to devote 15+ hours a week for studying. I have a quiet home office to complete school work. I generally spend an hour every evening reading for enjoyment. School work will take over this time.

After the car accident I got into on the Christmas Eve in 2002, I was diagnosed with a post-concussional disorder by a neuropsychologist. This was the time when I knew I had to ask for assistance and help, as the negative posttraumatic effects were hindering me from successful academic performance. I consulted with the doctor and was advised to attend some therapy sessions with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). I diligently attended the sessions and took it very seriously and responsibly. I appreciated the certified authority my SLP had, and duly participated in the trainings and followed all the recommendations I received throughout the process. In the aftermath, it helped me lessen the negative effects of posttraumatic disorder and regain focus, memorizing and communication skills, and the ability to be an active learner.

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