Essay Sample on Importance of Theology and Meaning of Dei-verbum

Published: 2023-02-12
Essay Sample on Importance of Theology and Meaning of Dei-verbum
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Dei-verbum is a Vatican descriptive litany of faith within the Catholic doctrine that enables man to possess a deeper understanding of God and the various ways through which God manifests Himself to humanity (Komonchak 24). The litany in return views humankind as a vessel of faith and holy doctrines in which the Holy Spirit dwells. The paper thus illumines the first four chapters of the divine litany while addressing the content therein and in so doing, discussing the importance, the meaning, and theology Dei Verbum.

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The first chapter discusses the revelation of God and the will of God through Jesus Christ, whereby God establishes a friendly relationship with the human race through the savior. As foretold by the prophets, Jesus came to humankind as a man, speaking the word of God and completing the works of creation hence, perfecting all revelations through his works and glorious revelation, and sending of the spirit of truth (Pope n.p). Obedience of faith is to be given to God in full submission of the intellect and will through the grace of God and the will of the Holy Spirit, by moving the heart, turning to God and opening the eyes of the mind.

The second chapter outline several ways through which divine revelation is handed, hence perpetuating through all generations. It equally discusses the apostles' responsibility to preach the gospel through oral teachings about Jesus' sermons and writings after the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to maintain the continuity of the Gospel after the assumption of Jesus into heaven. The gospel was promised in former times through the prophets and Christ himself, who as well promulgated the message to his disciples (Pope n.p). Therefore, in the Lord's gracious goodness, God has ensured that whatever doctrines revealed for the salvation of all nations will abide forever in God's full integrity and be disseminated to all generations.

Consequently, the third chapter discusses the institution of the Holy Bible as an inspiration and divine interpretation. It emphasizes that the divinely revealed realities as contained and presented in the sacred message have been made into writing following the intervention of the Holy Spirit (Pope n.p). After that, relying on the belief of the apostles by the holy church asserts that both the books of the old and new testaments are entirely sacred and canonical.

Eventually, the fourth chapter discusses the role of the old Testament in carefully planning and preparing salvation of the whole human race as it showcases the several covenants that God initiated with human beings before finally sending Jesus Christ to redeem the human race from the York of sin. Firstly, he entered into a covenant with Abraham and through Moses to the people of Israel. To these people, God manifested Himself through the words and deeds as a true and living God that the Israelites came to know by experience, the ways of God with Men.

Throughout the above chapters, the importance of Dei Verbum is observed in providing a platform through which God reveals himself to humankind. The way such divine revelations are perpetually disseminated across generations, the role of the Holy Scriptures in establishing and maintaining a friendship with God. Therefore following in the doctrines of the council of Trent, and the first Vatican council, the council wishes to set forth mandatory doctrine in divine revelation and how it transpired.

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