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Whether failing students in schools is advantageous or harmful is a hotly debated topic due to the varied opinions that people have concerning this topic. Some people believe that failing students in schools is a harmful practice by the teachers and tutors and should not be encouraged at all. On the other hand, there are those who agree that failing students in schools is advantageous because it helps to awaken the learners to study even more and therefore better themselves. Even though many people believe that failing students in schools is a harmful practice by the teachers, I strongly disagree because the practice actually helps to awaken the students to study hard, bring the education of the students to the attention of the parents and the teachers and also brings out the loopholes in the curriculum being used in schools.

Failing students in schools is advantageous and not harmful. This is because when students fail, they get to realize that all is not well in their academic life and this realization helps to awaken them from the slumber making them to work hard in their academic. Such students therefore become more aggressive in their studies and seek clarification for better understanding of concepts being taught by their teachers in classrooms and even outside the classrooms. Furthermore, these students become more motivated to learn so that they may obtain better grades in their academic work. As a result, these students spend more time in their academic work as a strategy to try and bridge the gap between themselves and the other classmates. This kind of motivation and devotion that comes after failing actually helps such students to improve their performance and get better grades since the hard work that they put in yields fruits.

The occurrence of failure among students does not always go down well with the teachers and parents of students in schools. This is because the happiness of a teacher is to see that his or her efforts in dispensing information to the students produce positive results through passing of the examinations. The parents would also like to see their children excel in their studies. This being the case, failing students in schools helps to make the teachers and the parents of the failing students to become more involved in making sure that the students excel in their education. This collective and keen involvement helps to make the students to see the seriousness of their studies and helps to improve their attitudes in their education which in turn helps to better their performance in schools. This happens because the parents become more involved than before and this helps to sort issues related to [parental neglect which overburdens the teachers in schools. The increased involvement and availability of the parents also goes a long way in motivating both the students and the teachers and helps to improve the general performance of the students due to the fact that the students realize that their education is being closely monitored by their parents. This helps them to get serious with their studies and thus improve their performance.

The failing of students in schools helps to reveal the major shortcomings of the curriculum being used and this helps to present a great opportunity for change in the curriculum. When students fail, the major stake holders in education sector are called to action to probe into the reasons of such failure in schools. The investigations that follow help to reveal major problem and difficulties with the curriculum being used in the schools. This can reveal that the curriculum being used is obsolete and therefore needs to be changed or revised to incorporate the real time issues and adopt the current situation and conditions of education. Such revisions are normally very important because they help the country to rethink about their educational curriculum and do upgrades or revisions on it to perfectly fit and adopt the real time situation. When these revisions are done, the students are ensued of quality education in their schools and the teachers get ample time in their work. This helps to bring success in since the students who failed get better grades because of the changes that occur in the curriculum.

In conclusion, the notions among many people that failing students in schools is a harmful practice null and void. In fact, failing students in schools helps to improve both the academic performance of students. Furthermore, the practice also helps to bring about collective involvement in the education of the students between parents and the teachers which greatly assists in bettering the education of the students in schools. That notwithstanding, failing students might act as prove that the curriculum has problems and therefore needs rectification through revision or changing the whole of it. This helps to improve the quality of education. I therefore disagree with the belief that failing students in schools is a harmful practice.


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